06/05/18 -- Praxis Heavy Industries Unveiling

Associated Press
June 5th, 2018

SHANGHAI — In a public unveiling outside of the Praxis Arcology in downtown Shanghai, Praxis Heavy Industries revealed for the first time their production model ZZ-7 autonomous artillery platform. The latest innovation in military hardware from Praxis Industries was showcased before a crowd of guests ranging from private investors to board members. Media and public were allowed to witness the unveiling from a safe distance in a designated enclosure at Binjiang Forest Park.

The ZZ-7 (Zhizhu-7) is the first production model of an autonomous walking artillery platform designed to supplement ground forces during urban conflict. The ZZ-7 operates on a machine-learning system capable of rapidly recalculating tactical information and designating friendly targets from biometric signatures, among other proprietary methods. Praxis Industries displayed the awesome power the ZZ-7 is capable of bringing to bear by testing its turret-mounted helical railgun. During the test firing the ZZ-7 demolished a series of automated vehicles while avoiding harming a blue-painted truck zipping between the "enemy" armor. In the second display, the ZZ-7's helical railgun was switched out for a coaxial plasma railgun, capable of firing ionized, gas-like particles that easily melted through the armor of two M1-Abrahms tanks on the demonstration course. The ZZ-7 then climbed across the damaged terrain of the wrecked vehicles with spider-like grace, before switching to a wheeled transit mode and driving into the arcology, all without the aid of a human pilot.

Praxis Heavy Industries has yet to indicate a sale date of the hardware, but representatives of the United States, Russia, and the United Kingdom were all present at the demonstration.

Praxis Heavy Industries stock jumped 5.7 percent following the demonstration.

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