07/29/19 -- Prison Break Suspected at Fuchuu

BBC World Service
July 29, 2019

This story is being updated as more details emerge.

TOKYO — Initial reports of a prison riot at the Fuchuu prison on the Tokyo outskirts have been confirmed by the government to be the result of suspected terrorists. A fire has broken out in the main tower and can be seen kilometers away. The neighborhood surrounding the prison has been evacuated, and locals have reported witnessing what they believe to be prisoners and residents of the Fuchuu Evolved Resettlment Community roaming city streets. The Resettlement Communtity houses an unknown number of SLC-E residents whose abilities are deemed a risk to the safety of those around them.

An official confirmed under the condition of anonymity that the Mugai-Ryu have been deployed to address this incident. Residents outside the evacuation area are being advised to shelter in place.

More on this story as it develops.

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