11/08/19 -- Pure Earth Targets Space Launch


November 8, 2019

LONDON — It should have been cause for celebration. On the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, Italian space company Latimer Incorporated was poised to send a crew of astronauts to the edge of the solar system. However, just before mid-day a two-pronged terrorist attack brought this monumental moment to its knees.

A group of armed assailants entered the Broglio Space Center in Malindi, Kenya and terminated local broadcast before executing hundreds of spectators and wounding hundreds more in a mass shooting. It is believed the attackers also detonated a device that caused the Falcon capsule on the launch pad to explode, destroying the rocket and causing billions of dollars in damage to the space center. Local authorities were unable to catch the perpetrators of the attack and it is believed that local anti-expressive activists in the region may be harboring them.

Simultaneously, armed gunmen entered the BBC News world headquarters in London, forcibly taking control of the broadcast room to deliver a violent and hateful manifesto. All nine news crew members including BBC One anchor Cynthia Walker and Latimer Inc CEO Geneva Isfeld were killed in the attack on the studio.

Authorities have identified one of the terrorists as an American, Zachary Becker, long believed to be associated with violent extremist groups such as Humanis First and Pure Earth. Becker and his accomplices fought their way out of the BBC America building before leading authorities on a high speed chase through the streets of London before ultimately escaping into the city. Local law enforcement are baffled as to how Becker and his accomplices could have eluded London law enforcement so handily and some suspect anti-expressive sentiments within the London police may have aided in Becker's escape.

At present there is no confirmed reports on the fate of the starship Itinerant Dawn that was in low Earth orbit expecting to receive 12 additional crew from the Kenyan launch site. Shortly after the launch pad explosion a bright light erupted in the sky over Poland, believed to coincide with the position of the Itinerant Dawn, but no agencies Reuters have contacted can confirm whether the vessel was destroyed or if the light seen was in any way related.

We will provide more news on this tragic event as it becomes available.

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