09/12/19 -- Raytech CEO Divorced

NHK World
September 12, 2019

Hours ago, Raytech documents leaked revealing that one of the CEOs, Warren Ray, has been divorced from Elle Bishop for an undetermined amount of time.

Insiders are saying that virtually no one, including his own family, were made aware of the situation. While you'd think this wouldn't be that big of a story, many are saying that this was an amicable separation that resulted in Warren Ray willingly giving up exactly half of his fortune, and their entire home.

When we reached out to Ray for comment, he said, and I quote, "I'm not a very good husband, but Elle was a very good wife, so she should have half the money! Who are you again?"

Warren Ray's eccentricity is well-documented, particularly his tendency to vanish or dive into work for months at a time. That might be a strain on any relationship. Only time will tell what Bishop will do with the money, but for now it looks like the Ray family is a little less wealthy.

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