05/03/19 -- Raytech-Yamagato Greenhouse Opens

May 3rd, 2019

JACKSON HEIGHTS — After more than six months of prolonged construction, the food worries of the NYC Safe Zone may finally be coming to an end. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Yamagato Industries construction teams (and their automated robotic workforce) the Raytech-Yamagato Greenhouse is now fully operational. This four-story building, constructed adjacent to the Raytech corporate campus, is set to produce thousands of pounds of vegetables year-round for Safe Zone residents.

Designed by Barney Sorensen of Raytech and Marlowe Terrell of Yamagato Industries, this new construction in Jackson Heights is a surprising cooperative project between the two largest tech presences in the Safe Zone. The greenhouse will be staffed by Yamagato Industries and operated in one capacity or another 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is expected that large portions of the facility will be automated by robots, but Yamagato Industries has been quiet on the topic.

Food produced at the Raytech-Yamagato Greenhouse will be sold exclusively at the Red Hook Market for "reasonable prices" according to Yamagato's greenhouse representative Daniel Ko. However, don't expect cheap food prices yet. Early rumblings at the Red Hook market suggest a small markup on food produced at the greenhouse to offset the considerable construction costs of the multi-million dollar facility.

The Raytech-Yamagato Greenhouse is a follow-through on a promise from Yamagato Industries to end food rationing and return a semblance of independence to the Safe Zone. How this will impact local farmers remains to be seen.


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