07/07/19 -- Red Hook Expressway Section Collapse

July 7, 2019

RED HOOK, NYC SAFE ZONE — An 18 foot section of the Gowanus Expressway viaduct in Red Hook collapsed yesterday. One motorist was severely injured in the event, but authorities have stated that the individual is stable.

The section of the overpass detached completely from the structure and fell over 40 feet to street level. Witnesses reported that a mild, localized tremor preceded the event, though there are no active fault lines in the state of New York. At this time, problems with city infrastructure miantenance have not been ruled out.

In a statement released earlier today, SESA has yet to confirm or deny the involvement of SLC-Expressive abilities or anti-SLC-E terrorism. However, the spokesperson note that no individuals have claimed resposibility, and ask the public to refrain from jumping to conclusions. The agency has stated that the matter is currently under investigation and no pattern has emerged.

Traffic authorities have marked detours leading to the Hamilton Avenue Bridge, which connects commuters from Red Hook to Bay Ridge. No significant travel delays or interruptions are anticipated.

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