04/04/19 -- Riots and Revenge

April 4, 2019

Last week, a riot broke out in Ferrymen's Bay, at a pop-up market. It was reportedly driven by anti-SLC-Expressive sentiments. Twenty people were reported injured after the fighting was eventually stopped by the MPs. In the days that followed, graffiti has appeared around the Safe Zone. It seems pretty uniform, always with the phrase 'WE ARE EVOLVED' and usually accompanied by an X over 'SLC-EXPRESSIVE'.

Relatedly, a spokesperson from the local charity group The Hands Of Mary reached out to the press to offer help to those affected by the riot. They also stated an intention to start up a volunteer program to have their members and any others who are interested help patrol the Safe Zone to try to help prevent these and other incidences while the NYPD is still getting rebuilt. "We are a community," the spokesperson said, "it's up to us to look out for one another."

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