06/30/18 -- Safe Zone Fireworks Ban Continues

Safe Zone Siren
June 30th, 2018

Earlier this week the office of the Mayor issued a city-wide moratorium on the use of fireworks for the upcoming Fourth of July celebrations across the city. This marks the third year in a row where fireworks use has been prohibited in the Safe Zone, citing security and public concern.

Spokesperson Amanda Ortiz indicated that while Mayor Short recognizes the desire for fireworks celebrations, she does not believe that it is appropriate yet, this close to the end of the civil war. Ortiz also cited an especially dry spring as further cause for concern, citing the risk for sparking wildfires. As the Safe Zone does not yet have a sufficient Fire and Rescue staff, the dangers posed by wildfires — especially outside of the Safe Zone where infrastructure is limited — outweighs any public desire for pre-war celebrations.

Furthermore, Ortiz went on to state that the Safe Zone has one of the largest concentrations of Civil War veterans in the United States, and the connection between fireworks displays and harm it can cause to those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress is clearly linked. Ortiz indicated that the mayor would be willing to consider a review of the fireworks ban in 2019. but for the time being shows no signs of budging from her position.

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