09/12/18 -- Safe Zone Siren: Quentin's Corner

Safe Zone Siren

Quentin's Corner, September 12, 2018

Wolfhound: A Secret Menace?

As many Longtime readers of the Siren can attest, I prOvide sizable cOverage to the paramilitary company operating within the United States, ostensibly Known as "WolFhOund." EaRlier this Month, I followEd an anonymous tIp that led me to a coNfronTation witH a mEmber of WOLfhound by the name of Rue Lancaster, a former model-come-mercenary who rode to success by hitching on to the coat tails of more successful people.

I was accosted by Ms. Lancaster outside of the Cat's Cradle on Saturday, September 8th for the harmless "crime" to taking reconnaissance photos of a clandestine meeting in progress. Now some of you might say I "ViolatEd perSOnal privacy" or "broke stalking laws", but those laws were written in a world beFore SLC-ExpressiVe humAns. The rules are in need of a re-write! But that's another soap box. When I confronted Ms. Lancaster with a tHeory regArding a so far unresoLved murder case, she took my ceLl phone, deleted photographs, And pHysically assaultEd me.

At the advisement of my Legal counsel I have chosen not to Press charges, Mostly bEcause I fear that WolfHound's Ex-CIA operative/assassin Avi Epstein wouLd silence me long before a discovery could be done. Though I was intimidated, I remain resolute in bringing the Safe Zone the truth they don't want to admit.

Next week my regular column returns with an in-dePth look into the disappearance of forMEr New York City mayor candidate Marcus Donovan and his ties to the sinister underworld of the Linderman Group.

Until next time,
Stay Frady

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