01/14/19 -- SESA Agent Found Dead

January 14, 2019

NYC SAFE ZONE — The SLC-Expressive Services Agency announced at a closed-door press conference earlier this morning that the body of Agent Cassandra Baumann was found in Red Hook on the morning of January 13th. SESA has Classified this death a homicide. Baumann's body was found during an investigation into a warehouse fire. SESA has not indicated if Baumann's death was linked to this investigation. SESA's Public Relations Director Alice Shaw told reporters, "Agent Baumann was one of our best and brightest. She had the potential for a long and stunning career with SESA, and her opportunity to pursue that life was cut tragically short. We have already begun an investigation into Agent Baumann's death, the details of which will not be made public. There will be a private funeral service held for friends and family."

Baumann, 23, was a vital agent to SESA and possessed an Expressive ability allowing her to view past histories of objects and locations. She famously used this ability during her first investigation in 2016 which led to the apprehension of Doctor Sara Ingram, a Humanis First member and physician wanted for performing forced sterilizations on SLC-Expressive prisoners during and after the Civil War. Baumann's leads and testimony led to Ingram's conviction. She now awaits execution on death row.

Baumann further showed her compassion and dedication to her work by volunteering at the New York State Coroner's Office to assist in the identification of bodies recovered from battlefields of the Second American Civil War. She successfully identified over 600 remains, allowing grieving families to find closure.

Donald Kenner, SESA's regional director for New York, called Baumann, "A young hero" at the press conference and vowed that SESA would "find whoever is responsible and see that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

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