02/14/2020 -- SESA Secretary and PR Director Missing

February 14, 2020

NYC SAFE ZONE — The SLC-Expressive Services Agency (SESA) released a press statement today indicating that SESA Director Claudia Zimmerman and Public Relations Director Alice Shaw are missing. Zimmerman was first reported missing on February 12th when she failed to report to a US Security Council meeting in Kansas City and federal agents were unable to ascertain her whereabouts. Alice Shaw was likewise discovered as missing when SESA performed a wellness check on all of Claudia's immediate colleagues.

Zimmerman and Shaw were last seen leaving the Clocktower Building in the New York City Safe Zone by car along with two unknown women. SESA believes foul play is involved, as security footage from the Clocktower building had been destroyed.

Among the missing is Zachary Stone, longtime assistant to Alice Shaw, and Aria Baumgartner, personal liaison to Claudia Zimmerman. Zimmerman's bodyguard and driver, Emanuel Ramon Calevera, was held for 24 hours for questioning and released.

SESA is encouraging anyone with knowledge about the whereabouts of Secretary Zimmerman or Director Shaw to contact their emergency anonymous hotline

More on this story as it develops.

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