03/20/18 -- Severe Weather Alert

WSZR: Safe Zone Radio

Hey there Safe Zone listeners, its Jolene! I just got— where is it… Ah! Yes! There's an update here from the National Weather Service. The snowstorm set to reach New York on the 20th is set to dump uh, it looks like somewhere between ten and sixteen inches of snow on the city. We've been pretty lucky this winter, but I think this one might hit us hard.

Yamagato Industries sent us a letter this morning to let us know that their repair and maintenance crews would be working on snow removal after the storm has abated on Thursday. Residents are encouraged to clear snow off of their roofs, especially if repairs on their residences haven't been completed. And for any of our listeners out there beyond the fence, please stay warm. Just because you choose to live out there in the wilds doesn't mean you don't deserve to be safe. Please, take care of each other.

Oh uh, the Safe Zone Cooperative has also sent us something saying that the Red Hook Market will remain open from early morning on the 20th through Thursday morning and will be a shelter for those who do not have heat or cannot travel in the snow. That's so nice!

Uh, ok. That was the weather, now I think… what've we got here uhh… Yeah! Ok, here's the Smiths with How Soon Is Now? on WSZR, Safe Zone Radio!

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