06/08/19 -- Shooting at WSZR Building

June 8, 2019

NYC SAFE ZONE — Just shortly after 10:00am on June 8th, the 91st Military Police Battalion responded to calls of automatic gunfire within the vicinity of the WSZR Broadcast Radio station in Jackson Heights. Upon arriving at the scene, Military Police were confronted by two armed men who immediately opened fire on them. The Military Police returned fire and the two gunmen were killed. Military Police discovered two more bodies on scene, all of whom appeared to be a part of the same paramilitary group. The Department of Homeland Security and SESA have closed the radio station and are looking for its employees, Martin Pines, Jolene Chevalier, and Lance Gerken for questioning regarding the incident.

Major Matthew Olson of the 91st Military Police Battalion told the Times that while an investigation is still ongoing, evidence found at the scene of the crime indicates this may be violent activity associated with the extremist Pro-SLC organization known as Mazdak. Neither SESA nor the Department of Homeland Security would comment further on this tie.

This attack comes but days prior to the official changeover of power from the Military Police to the New York Police Department and tensions regarding the transfer of power are high. Safe Zone residents who awoke to the news of a potential terrorist attack within the city limits were shocked by the news and residents we spoke to demanded that Mayor Short tighten border protections on the city. Mayor short has yet to make an official statement, but her office indicated one would be forthcoming.

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