04/08/19 -- Shooting in Park Slope

April 8, 2019

Three people were killed and four injured when an unknown number of gunmen stormed an abandoned house on tenth street, Park Slope, New York Safe Zone, on April 7. The deceased are Gitana Masalis (19), Kieran Moore (20), Jared Mansfield (28), and the injured so far identified are Tomas Salas (20) and Rebecca Fitzgerald (22). The two other victims have chosen to remain anonymous.

Military Police were unable to respond when the incident initially went unreported, until an anonymous caller contacted Fort Drum later that evening. Investigations are now being handled jointly by the Military Police and SESA, due to the victims being predominantly SLC-Expressive. The agency has yet to verify whether the attackers potentially held anti-SLC-Expressive idealogies.

Park Slope, although within the New York Safe Zone, has long awaited development, and by many citizens, considered entirely neglected if not abandoned. One anonymous source claimed that the house that was attacked was considered to be an informal shelter for homeless youth.

The suspects have yet to be identified. In a statement made on the morning of April 8, Major Matthew Olson requested that should anyone know anything about the incident that took place on April 7, or have any information on who was involved, to please come forward to the 91st Police Battalion.

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