10/19/18 -- Six Dead in Ferrymen's Bay

New York Times
October 19, 2018

NYC SAFE ZONE — Six residents in a sparsely populated tenement building in the Safe Zone's coastal Ferrymen's Bay neighborhood were found dead in their homes on the morning of the October18th. The bodies were found in the Park Acres tenement building on 153rd Avenue. The 91st Military Police Battalion was responding to reports of a foul odor coming from the tenement building, reported by Yamagato Industries construction crews, and discovered all sixteen residents had been killed in what authorities are calling a mass animal attack.

At a press conference Friday morning, Major Matthew Olson of the 91st Battalion seemed reluctant to speak with reporters.

"What we've found appears to be a freak animal-related incident." Olson said. "We're doing everything we can at the present to identify and determine the nature of the incident, but at present we have no information for the public."

Three hours later, following a closed door meeting with Mayor Caroline Short, SESA spokesperson Alice Shaw called a press conference outside of the Safe Zone municipal building.

"What happened to the residents of the Park Acres apartment complex is believed to be the result of an SLC-Expressive ability gone awry. SESA is currently investigating this matter to the fullest extent of our ability, and we believe the Park Acres tragedy is an isolated incident, but we cannot further comment at this time. We ask that Safe Zone citizens stay vigilant for unusual animal activity and report any sightings to the 91st Battalion and SESA."

Shaw was not available for further comment at the time of this printing.

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