06/08/2020 -- SLC-E Registrations Skyrocket

Associated Press
June 8th, 2020

WASHINGTON, KC — The SLC-Expressive Services Agency (SESA) has reported their largest quarterly increase of SLC-Expressive registrations since the organization's founding. Between the months of April and June SESA reportedly investigated and participated in the registrations of 245,000 new manifestations. In comparison, last year, SESA registered less than 40 new SLC-Expressives in the same time period. This inflation has resulted in a 14% increase in the total number of SLC-Expressives worldwide.

This news comes just following a report published by the International Science Council (ISC) indicating a massive global surge in reports of SLC-Expressive manifestations and registration numbers since the start of 2020. Furthermore, the ISC reported several of these manifestations were indicated to be multi-ability registrations. "Mosaics" or people able to possess more than one SLC-Expressive ability, were estimated to be less than 10 worldwide, though now that number appears to be dramatically increasing.

SESA did not propose any theories as to the sudden increase but members of the scientific community, worldwide, have begun speculating that it may have something to do with the February electromagnetic anomaly that was experienced worldwide. A sudden increase in EM and Solar radiation in 2006 is believed to be the cause of a spike in the global Expressive population, though direct correlation between these events has never been definitively proven.

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