03/26/18 -- Some Pig

(Translated from Russian on various social media sites and clickbait hubs:)

A hog has miraculously survived one of the most gruesome crashes caught on a Russian dashcam.

The adult pig, since named Oleg, is seen flying across the road from its overturned cargo trailer near the town of Kubinka, in the Odintsovsky District of Moscow Oblast.

Their 40-year-old driver, who remained strapped inside the cab, was not so fortunate and died on the the way to hospital, state reports.

The horrific crash appears to have been caused because the driver, named as Alexei Sokolov, lost control on an icy overtake at high speeds. The trailer broke open as it rolled.

Two large pigs were then launched through the air and left scattered across the road. One animal was crushed and killed by oncoming traffic. The other, Oleg, was also struck by a vehicle. The dashcam video shows Oleg lying still as other drivers rush to the aid of the overturned truck.

Several minutes later, Oleg is seen standing up from a pool of blood and walking towards the camera. His jaw is broken, and his skull is shown. Bone pokes through his shoulder. He walks with a limp.

Footage of the crash was originally posted online by Pyotr Smirnov, and appears to show the truck driver misjudging an overtake.

The motorist in the vehicle with the dashcam shouts: "F*ck!'"

The accident occurred on March 26 at around 4pm.

Oleg was taken to a local veterinarian office, where he is expected to make a full recovery.

"He is a lucky pig," witness Mikhail Lebedev said. "He stood up and said 'oink' as if nothing happened. It is a miracle." Lebedev laughed. "Too bad he will be eaten anyway."

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