11/29/18 -- Staten Island Explosion Investigation

Safe Zone Siren
November 29, 2018

Weeks after a large warehouse explosion on the northern end of Staten Island that claimed the lives of several people within it, investigations by local military police and fire departments believe the building was used as a narcotics lab and munitions stockpile.

Deputies and firefighters arrived to find the burning building collapsed and pieces of shrapnel thrown several hundred feet away, littering nearby abandoned streets and previously war-damaged buildings. Investigators said further evidence was discovered of a deadly altercation within the building involving discharged firearms, leading to the belief that stray gunfire may have struck the weapons stockpile kept within the warehouse.

Safe Zone residents expressed their worries regarding the general lack of police presence on Staten Island. Pressure for the reinstatement of the NYPD continues to increase in light of the incident.

Major Olson was not reached for comment.

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