12/26/18 -- Strange Lights Over Manhattan

New York Post
December 26, 2018

NYC SAFE ZONE — Strange lights filled the skies over the Manhattan Exclusion Zone on Christmas night. Residents of the NYC Safe Zone reported seeing strange flashing lights coming from over the concrete barrier dividing the Manhattan Exclusion Zone from the rest of New York. The lights lasted roughly six minutes, during which time radio and cell phone reception across the Safe Zone were scrambled. Multiple videos of the strange lights were recorded by Safe Zone residents and uploaded to Social Media this morning.

The light show concluded with a sonic boom reported as far away as Albany, and an unexplained change in the aurora that has blanketed the world since solar flares began in October.

Over Manhattan, the aurora appears twisted like a spiral, pinched inward on itself. Scientists have stated that this effect is likely caused by extreme electromagnetic radiation directed upward into the aurora.

SESA releases a statement this morning indicating that the lights were part of a joint scientific endeavor with Raytech Industries to explore the nature of the aurora and the solar storms and was completely harmless. SESA (along with other global agencies) is actively investigating claims of unexplained visions that began around the time the aurora first manifested on October 22nd.

SESA-NY Director Donald Kenner informed the Post "This experiment was a test of prototype technology intended to further understand the nature of the aurora. We had an electrical malfunction and we likely won't be able to reproduce the experiment any time soon. The public has no cause for concerns."

More on this as it develops.

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