01/11/2020 -- Suspects Emerge in Liberty Island Attack

January 11, 2020

KANSAS CITY — The Department of Homeland Security has released information pertaining to the suspects in December's terrorist attack and prison break on the Liberty Island Detention Center in New York.

DHS Spokesperson William LeCroix revealed the identities of the two attackers on the Liberty Island facility as Baruti Naidu, a South African arms dealer and Francesca Lang, a demolitions engineer from New York.

Naidu has been on international wanted lists since 2008 for his involvement with ISN1, an arms-dealing organization primarily active in Africa and the Middle-East. Naidu was last seen in Syria 2010 and was believed to be in hiding.

Lang is a more recent name in the news, having been implicated in the death of Japan's Minister of Justice Takumi Seko in July of 2019 but was later exonerated in August by parliamentary action. Prior to her exoneration, Lang was suspected to be working with former JSDF Mugai-Ryu operative Asi Tetsuyama who notably performed a similar prison break at the Fuchuu Prison for SLC-Expressive humans in August of last year.

Authorities do not yet have confirmation that Tetsuyama was in any way involved in the Liberty Island attack, but state and federal law enforcement are cooperating to bring these fugitives to justice.

Francesca Lang is believed to go by an alias, Kimberly Oliver, while operating within the NYC Safe Zone and authorities are vigilant in their search for Lang.

Also today the Justice Department named of the wanted criminals who escaped the Liberty Island facility as former Company agents James Woods and Faruq Mansoor, Jason Pierce former DHS Counterterrorism Agent arrested for his involvement with Humanis First, and Alphonse Bauman who was arrested for his involvement with Jason Pierce, David Cardinal an operative of the Commonwealth Institute apprehended in 2019 by the paramilitary group Wolfhound.

More details as this develops.

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