04/23/18 -- Synthetic Drug Use Skyrockets

Quentin Frady
April 23, 2019

NYC SAFE ZONE — A source for the Safe Zone Siren within SESA has confirmed a leaked report that Refrain usage within the US has jumped 22 since this time last year. Studies perform by SESA indicate that Refrain trafficking and trafficking of knock-off Refrain has grown thanks to the increased population of SLC-Expressives moving to the NYC Safe Zone, one of two hotbed areas of Refrain distribution.

The SESA report also mentions a heretofore unknown Refrain-adjacent synthetic drug known as zeitgeist being targeted at wealthy elite both Expressive and Non. According to the information in this report, zeitgeist is an expensive ($2,000 per "experience") drug that mimics the effects of Refrain in some extent but allegedly works on Non-Expressives. The report does not seem to indicate that SESA has been able to find any sources of zeitgeist, simply that it is aware on the market.

If zeitgeist is able to corner a Non-Expressive market, it could take Refrain from a niche (but valuable) illegal drug trade to one that could outstrips heroin and cocaine for worldwide use.

Mayor Caroline Short is expected to announce plans for the eradication of the Refrain trade in the NYC Safe Zone in June.

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