04/25/18 -- Technopath Proof Servers

In a YouTube video posted on the Inside Yamagato channel, Leroy is sitting in a fancy computer chair, hands folded behind a desk. "I'm borrowing my boss' desk to make an announcement. I've created a network of servers that are entirely technopath proof. I know you probably think it's insane to announce something like that, but I have a reason."

He motions his hand, creating a 3D display of the server network. "I'm leaving the basic connection info, no password or anything of course, in the video description below. If you can actually hack through the layers, you'll get a tour of Yamagato and, after an interview, possibly a job. Just call me Leroy Wonka I guess."

"Good luck!" he says before the video abruptly ends on a Yamagato logo and a pleasant jingle.

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