11/30/18 -- The Sectioning Solution

New York Post Editorial

The Sectioning Solution
November 30, 2018
By Frederick Medina

What's the most unpopular statement you can have in America right now? I'll tell you: Registration isn't working. That's right, I'm talking about the feels-good legislation passed in a time of crisis by a President that hadn't been properly voted into office yet. The Chesterfield Act is a public-relations piece masquerading as policy, and it's going to be the hill democracy chooses to die on for reasons unfathomable.

No one wanted the civil war, no one's arguing that it's wrong and that Andrew Mitchell and Timothy Moritz were war criminals and punished accordingly. But we can't let the stained legacy that their extremist ideals created shackle us to an ineffective and toothless piece of legislation drafted out of fear rather than fairness.

Right now someone in America could wake up to discover they had the ability to uncontrollably exude viral infections in those around them. Right now that person is not compelled by law to register or even so much as demonstrate their ability. Right now that person could be infecting your neighborhood and spreading disease through the parts of our country worst-affected by the civil war.

If you want to call the above hyperbole, ask William McNeal about how hyperbolic it seems. William is a veteran of the Second American Civil War, two-time recipient of the Purple Heart, and in 2016 he lost his wife and son to typhoid fever.

William’s family was exposed to a “viral emission,” a power belonging to a juvenile SLC-Expressive in Sarasota, Florida. On discovering their ability, Charlie Baker — a fourteen year-old war orphan — hid the fact that they were SLC-Expressive from their foster family, the McNeals. Within a week, two people had died from the uncontrolled viral exposure and a fourteen year old boy had taken his own life.

The Chesterfield Act has no legal authority to compel a person like Charlie to register. The Chesterfield Act has no legal authority to require the government be kept aware of a person's SLC-Expressive status changes (such as a false negative being discovered as a positive, or a late-life manifestation). The Chesterfield Act imposes no guidance or restrictions on people born with the ability to kill thousands whether they want to or not.

When I see politicians in Kansas City they talk about the UK's “Sectioning” policy with whispered tones and signs of the cross like it was dredged up from Hell itself. But the fact of the matter is the United States could take a page from their once and future allies from across the pond. We have to recognize the uncomfortable truth that not all SLC-Expressive abilities are equal. We have to recognize that a solution to ability control must be taught in schools and that registration — of Expressives and Non-Expressives — must be made mandatory with annual review.

We have to look at the facts. Now that the war is over are we going to live in fear or are we going to embrace logic?

Logic dictates: not all things are created equal.

We can't stay the course we’re on and expect to survive. Logic dictates, but the politicians in KC just want to let their hearts bleed.

Haven't we bled enough?



America, a land of equal opportunity? Not in the eyes of Frederick Medina.

No, this aspiring politician would love nothing more than to take the failings of other systems and integrate them to create a less-free land. He would love to discriminate openly against SLC-Expressives, toting a single fear-mongering outlier as a reason why all citizens should be regularly catalogued, suggesting freely that a policy like Sectioning might be valid. And to what end?

One's abilities are a highly personal, private trait. One should have the liberty to disclose that information publicly, or keep it private - the same as one would with personal details such as their religious affiliation, or party preference.

Imagine suggesting emulating a policy that imprisons and segregates its citizens based on their religion. A policy that uses forced sterilization as the base level action for what should be done against those citizens. A policy that strips them of their right to participate in democracy.

To what end would someone advocate implementing a registration system that admires a policy like that?


last I checked my christianity can't melt someone’s skin off nice strawman asshole


Of course not. It just wages war on people who are different, just because they are different. Even if only some Christians are highly radicalized, your own strawman suggests that ALL Christians should be forcibly registered because even one of them might be a threat.

By the by, doesn't Christianity have a well-known tenet about casting stones?


America has already been down this path. Repression drives its victims underground and creates resistance.

Someone dies to a drunk driver every 50 minutes. More than 10,000 people in a year. Would you ban alcohol? Register everyone who buys an alcoholic beverage? Any one of them could be the next killer drunk. Any one.

No. Not only is that socially unacceptable, but America tried that experiment. It failed abysmally; alcohol just went underground.

America has also tried mandatory Registration. Discrimination. Forced negation. Murder. And you see where that led — to more deaths than any SLC-E ability ever caused.

Just because others are determined to repeat mistakes doesn't mean we should, too.


Maybe we could register the alcoholics? Or the people who are born with nuclear weapons for hands instead? god. you liberals.


Registration is a fucking crime and the fact that people willingly subject themselves to it is horrific. I live fifty miles from the Dead Zone and let me tell you I will never let the government control my life ever again.


Whoever tried to bomb Medina should try again Jesus Christ this asshole


Complete crackdown or completely hands-off, both end in dystopia. Human nature makes that certain.

What's needed are checks and balances. It's the government's job to ensure public safety, and Registration can have a place in that. It's the job of the people to to defend their rights and liberties from government overreach. Including due process and 'innocent until proven guilty'.


One might note states do register criminal alcoholics already. Similar to how criminals are Registered. Those damn liberals, right?

The current system of voluntary-with-exceptions Registration is arguably well-balanced.


Those damn conservatives. They should actually *read* the Constitution they swear by sometime.


But just how loose those exceptions are is the difference between life and death and right now they're too loose. The McNeals might agree. Then what do we do with the people who register (voluntarily or not) who have life-threatening abilities they can't control? Relocate? Gosh that sounds familiar.


The one good suggestion in this article is the recommendation that Evolved need better support, especially at school age. Most ability-related accidents happen due to a lack of education and understanding. Teaching kids and adults to accept themselves is something this administration should totally pursue.


Why is it you idiots can't even think outside the fascist playbook?

Like asiago said. Educate. Support. Offer negation as an option. When an Evo does criminal shit or poses actual public hazard? Then yeah, take necessary measures. Necessary, not cruel and unusual.

Leave the millions who haven't done any harm alone.


Exactly. The United States has always fought for freedom, and equality, in its policies. Long-idolized practices like 'innocent until proven guilty' cannot be forgotten. Each infraction of privacy, each right pried away, will line up innocent lives like so many dominoes which can all be toppled by a single fear-mongering fool.

Forced registration is a vehicle that will only drive history to repeat itself.


Why is it the cartoon character is the one making the most sense here… Ever given any thought to running for office?

Don't worry if you feel underqualified. If you've got two brain cells to rub together, you're still better off than some of the other would-be politicians running around these days.


Can't say I have. It's an interesting idea. Sadly, the world's not ready for me in public office.


If no foils for men like Medina come forward now, then he and men like him will win. If only centrist ideals combat suggestions like Sectioning, concessions will inevitably be made. It will take time, but in the end, they will win.

'Ready' or not, the world needs more aspiring leaders with common sense, and foresight besides. "Logic dictates" a country should protect its citizenry, not defile them.


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