03/23/18 -- Uncontrolled Visions

New York Times
Friday, March 23, 2018

YAMAGATO PARK — A yet unexplained wave of psychic phenomenon washed over residents of Yamagato Park early Friday evening, leaving residents of the international territory within the New York City Safe Zone shaken. According to reports filed with SESA, the event occurred at 5:30 pm and began with vivid visual and auditory hallucinations many eye-witnesses described as flashbacks. Following the mass hallucination, victims were onset by extreme fatigue and migraine-like symptoms that cleared within 2-4 hours.

More than two thousand residents of Yamagato Park are believed to have been affected and this event has brought a troubling remembrance of the 2010 "flash" visions that preceded the November 8, 2010 riots that rocked New York City. Officials in Yamagato Park have not been able to confirm the source of this effect but are confident that it was not a chemical or biological agent and that it likely resulted from the uncontrolled use of a Class-B mental SLC-Expressive ability.

As Yamagato Park is an international boundary, SESA has not investigated the events. Director Donald Kenner of SESA-NY spoke with the Times earlier this evening. "We've heard the reports of what occurred within the Park boundaries, but since the effect didn't extend beyond Yamagato Park and we haven't been invited in to assist SESA is unable to further investigate the happening. We have reached out to Yamagato Industries and offered our services but as of yet have not received any substantial response. SESA urges Safe Zone residents to remain calm and vigilant and report any unusual psychic phenomenon to your local SESA offices."

The events in Yamagato Park have sparked a furor nationwide with opponents of the relaxed Chesterfield Act registration citing this event as a "watershed" moment and calling on state and local representatives to put pressure on the Praeger Administration for mandatory registration nation-wide. Though an official response has not yet been made, the Praeger Administration has staunchly opposed any attempt at instating nation-wide mandatory registration and President Praeger has indicated he would veto any such legislation that crossed his desk.

Tensions regarding the treatment and potential danger posed by SLC-Expressive individual are still at an all-time high, four years after the end of the Second American Civil War. Last week in Great Britain a Section 2 EUSR Registered Evolved with the ability to generate infectious diseases escaped from the Whitehearth Sectional Relocation Center and infected 176 British citizens with an unknown pathogen before being killed by SRC security forces. The events in Yamagato Park are a reminder of the danger America faces with its relaxed registration system, but also that it is not alone in the world as it struggles to find the balance between personal liberties and safety.

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