02/28/2020 -- Unexplained Atmospheric Phenomenon Seen Around World

Associated Press
February 28, 2020

Austria — An electromagnetic storm of unprecedented magnitude rippled across the Earth at approximately 2:57 pm GMT. Researchers at the European Space Agency have not yet determined the origin of the storm, but its effects were both seen and felt around the world. The storm is believed to have begun with an electromagnetic whirlpool forming in the ionosphere over the state of Michigan in the United States of America and became a cascading magnetic surge after interacting with unknown charged particles. The storm rippled across the Earth, circumnavigating the globe in an estimated 15 seconds.

The electromagnetic storm caused some minor interference in electronic devices and telecommunications, but most systems were back online within the hour. Researchers at the ESA are currently looking into the possibility that the phenomenon may have been created by an SLC-Expressive ability, but there is so far no conclusive evidence.

Henrik Haas, a researcher with the ESA, said that the phenomenon was superficially similar to significant EM interference during the early months of 2019 that caused global auroral phenomenon, but the magnetic wave frequency was of a significantly more focused band. No satellites were available to image the area around Michigan when the phenomenon began, and American authorities have not yet released a common on the phenomenon which coincided with a terrorist incident in Detroit Michigan on the same day.

US Authorities have confirmed that the two events are likely unrelated and that there is no cause for alarm.

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