09/27/18 -- Unexplained Radio Overlay in New York


NYC SAFE ZONE — A local radio station in what was once Brooklyn experienced what was either an elaborate prank or an unusual electronic phenomenon during WSZR's live broadcast of a politically-charged town hall. The broadcast ended with static and some listeners across the Safe Zone reported hearing a news broadcast from "another dimension."

The alleged broadcast contained content about the missing President Elect Allen Rickham and appeared to indicate that he was, indeed, President and also indicated law suits against the Pinehearst Company and referenced his Vice President as one Kaylee Bellamy.

NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, indicated that the unusual broadcast coincided with a spike of solar activity of the same magnitude responsible for unusual radio disturbances in late 2011 and early 2012. The veracity of the alleged broadcast has not been confirmed, but individual listeners also claim to have heard a voice in the static whispering at the end of the transmission before WSZR's signal picked back up. Those interviewed gave conflicting reports on the nature of the whispers, and many are chalking it up to an overactive technopath prankster.

SESA has indicated it will investigate the transmission, but does not believe it was a legitimate broadcast.


If you received a whisper listed on the linked page earlier this year, and were listening to the WSZR broadcast from the Safe Zone and heard the unusual alternate broadcast, you will have ICly heard your whisper.


If your name is not listed on this page, you heard no additional content… for now.

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