10/23/18 -- Unexplained Visions Across US

Unexplained Visions Across US

Kansas City Star
October 23, 2018

KANSAS CITY, MO — The first reports came in to New York City's SESA offices just after 7:00pm on Monday the 22nd. Five people from five different neighborhoods of the New York Safe Zone claimed to experience a vivid and unexplained "vision" of unfamiliar events. As calls began to roll in from concerned citizens, SESA quickly mobilized an emergency response team to interview and assess the state of the affected individuals.

SESA-NY Director Donald Kenner's first thought was of the harrowing 2010 "flash forward" visions that sparked the devastating 11/8/10 riots that devastated New York City. Kenner himself has indicated that he experienced one of these very visions, but does not believe that they are in any way portentous of future events, but rather appear to be a fiction created by an unknown party or parties.

SESA spokesperson Alice Shaw delivered a public statement this afternoon from SESA's Fort Jay offices. "As of yet we do not know the full extent of what these visions are. By 3:00pm today we had received word of three more incidents from Safe Zone residents, and — nationally — just over a thousand reported experiences. We have yet to ascertain the validity of all of these claims, but we have reason to believe that this event is no isolated to the New YorK area, or even the United States. The visions appear to last only a few moments, though some claim to have experienced brief blackouts"

Shaw went on to discuss possible contributing factors. "The escience behind how SLC-Expressive abilities function is still a young field. We know that SLC-Expressive humans emit an electromagnetic signature and that may somehow be disrupted by the coronal mass ejections we are presently experiencing unlike any other time in history. We have no reason to believe these visions are an attack of any kind, nor do they appear coordinated. It is highly likely that they are the result of an SLC-Expressive or expressives who are presently struggling to control their power and need our help."

Later, Shaw called for unity in the United States and calm, rational thinking ruling the day. "SESA is diligently exploring all possible avenues relating to these unexplained events. We are operating with full transparency with other government agencies, and will continue to report to the American people as we have concrete findings."

The Times can confirm that instances of unexplained visions have been reported in the UK, France, Germany, and Spain as of Tuesday.

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