03/02/2020 -- US Military Seizes California Safe Zone

Associated Press
March 2nd, 2020

Kansas City, MO — The United States Government has effectively declared war on the Chinese technology giant Praxis Heavy Industries following a February raid on their US Headquarters in the California Safe Zone.

Incited by mounting discoveries of human rights violations within Praxis Heavy Industries holding both within the US and abroad thanks to the Praxis Hack from 2019, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Congress authorized a military operation to remove control of the California Safe Zone from Praxis Heavy Industries' hands.

Secretary of State Catherine Chesterfield spoke in the Rose Garden with media on the 29th following the successful operation. "The United States of America has a checkered history when it comes to standing up against human rights violations and terrorism. In our past this office has willfully misinterpreted civil disobedience as terror and intentionally partnered with unscrupulous, amoral corporate institutions to further its goals. That time has passed."

"On the morning of February 28th, the United States Army in cooperation with partner organizations and the US Air Force conducted a swift and focused strike against Praxis Heavy Industries centered around their sovereign state of Praxia within the borders of the California Safe Zone. In the immediate aftermath, US intelligence agencies have arrested over seven hundred employees of Praxis Heavy Industries and obtained a wealth of incriminating information on illegal practices being perpetrated on American soil."

Chesterfield went on to describe the charges leveled against Praxis Heavy Industries, including charging the Praxis board of directors with violations of the international human rights laws on human trafficking and genetic experimentation. Though the entire wealth of charges against Praxis Heavy Industries have not been made public, sources in the US Military close to the Associated Press have confirmed that evidence was retrieved from the corporation's ziggurat arcology connecting Praxis with abductions of SLC-Expressive people across the country.

The military operation against Praxis Heavy Industries raised significant questions about a nation's ability to declare war on a corporation that is acting as a sovereign nation in owned territory. Some fear that this could incite an escalation of armaments among corporations with sovereign holdings, an already slippery political slope.

Sources within the Chinese government indicate that the nation will not pursue any action against the United States for its role in the attack on Praxia. China likewise conducted a raid on Praxis Heavy Industries' Shanghai global headquarters on the 29th of February leading to the arrests of the corporation's board of directors and CEO Ju-long Lung-Wei.

Praxis Heavy Industries stock plummeted internationally as news of the corporation's collapse was made public. Praxis CEO Lung-Wei is expected to be arraigned on charges of conspiracy and embezzling in Shanghai within a week. The US case against Praxis Heavy Industries is still forthcoming.

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