03/23/18 -- Warehouse Collapse in Jackson Heights

March 23, 2018

SAFE ZONE — Jackson Heights was the scene of tragedy today. The Ridge Produce building, an abandoned warehouse in the northern part of the safe zone, collapsed under the weight of uncleared snow and rain, trapping several families in the wreckage. Emergency services were contacted and responded as quickly as they were able, but with the help of an unknown evolved rescuer, there were no serious injuries. The warehouse was engulfed in flames shortly after emergency services arrived. Vincent Longaria was a witness and spoke to us about what he saw.

"She didn't give her name. She just showed up out of the blue in a yellow rain slicker and started helping. Only asked for a book to trade and left before we could even get her some. She had some kind of teleporting power. She could just touch someone and then, poof, there they were, ten feet out of danger. She was an angel."

"She saved my baby." Margaret McLaine, 34, added. "She's always got a place with us. We may not have much, but she saved us all. She's a hero."

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