10/10/18 -- Where the Dead Have No Home

October 10, 2018

Nearly five years on from the end of the Second American Civil War, and the United States is still struggling to bury its dead. There is such a backup in the proper identification and disposal of corpses created during the civil war, that several cities have resorted to storing dead bodies in refrigerated trailers due to overflowing morgues.

In 2016, the city of New Orleans struggled to bury its dead while preserving unidentified remains for future identification by law enforcement or family. One infamous case, dating back to March of 2016, saw New Orleans police discovering two trailers packed with human remains that had lost refrigeration, while dozens more bodies stacked up in the city's morgue. In that case there were 674 corpses in all, placed in remote trailers away from the city's overflowing morgue and forgotten. Some of the bodies have been in storage for more than three years.

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