06/11/19 -- World's Fair Bomb Plot Thwarted

June 11, 2019

NYC SAFE ZONE — Word has finally gotten out that an attempted attack on the 2019 World's Fair was thwarted by event security on May 24th during the joint Yamagato Industries and Praxis Heavy Industries tech showcase. According to a report released by today SESA, Yamagato Industries received a bomb threat during their tech demo showcase that indicated an explosive device was present at the World's Fair grounds. Yamagato Industries quickly alerted its own security team and the World's Fair security who were able to nonviolently apprehend Stephen Wendt (22) of Jackson Heights. Wendt was found carrying a backpack with an improvised explosive device inside and a collection of Pure Earth literature. Wendt had written "A Pure Earth is a Human Earth" on his arms in marker.

No one was harmed in the attempted attack and security forces handed Wendt off to the Military Police shortly after his apprehension. This revelation, weeks after the attempted attack, has sent a chill through the Safe Zone community in the wake of a recent attack by Pro-Evolved Extremist group Mazdak on the WSZR radio station.

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