03/14/18 -- Yamagato Fellowship to Hold Gala Fundraiser

March 14, 2018

SAFE ZONE — Yamagato Industries has announced plans to hold a charity gala at their exclusive Yamagato Fellowship building on April 7th. The event intends to bring funds in to the city to revitalize its art community and help pay for reconstruction of civic facilities like museums and galleries. Yamagato Fellowship chairperson Kam Nisatta spoke to the Times earlier this week about the announcement.

"Art and History are the single most important things in human culture. Each informs the other, and the catastrophic loss of America's historic museums and art galleries deprives future generations the opportunities to experience history first hand, to live and breathe in the presence of masterpieces painted before the founding of the nation. We at the Yamagato Fellowship recognize the power of art and history, and would see that power returned to the hands of the people."

The Felllowship gala will include an extension of visitation hours to the public for ticket-carrying guests. Attendance to the gala comes with a steep $300 minimum donation per ticket, bringing it out of the reach of many of the Safe Zone's residents. Local entrepreneurs and several businesses are pooling resources to help some special needs and low income residents to attend.

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