01/20/2021 -- Yamagato Industries CEO Kimiko Nakamura, Dead at 41

Late Edition

TOKYO, JAPAN — Shocking news emerges from the Yamagato Industries corporate headquarters in Tokyo, Japan today. Kimiko Nakamura, daughter of the late company founder Kaito Nakamura, has passed away at the age of 41. In a statement released by Yamagato Industries' US Public Relations Director Kaydence Lee Damaris it is indicated that Nakamura suffered a massive, fatal stroke on the 16th and was pronounced dead a short time later by corporate medical staff.

Yamagato Industries Chief Financial Officer Hayate Kawahara made a public statement today from the Yamagato Industries Global Headquarters in Tokyo: "We are all deeply saddened by Kimiko's sudden passing. She was a relentless and dedicated leader to our company and a true heir to the keen intellect of her father. In accordance with the corporate hierarchy, I reluctantly assume control of Yamagato Industries in this transitionary period. We at Yamagato Industries will mourn Ms. Nakamura's passing and honor her memory in our time."

Following that statement, Kawahara indicated that Yamagato Industries would perform a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding Kimiko's death to ensure that there was no foul play involved. As her death occurred within sovereign corporate territory within US borders, Yamagato Industries will carry out the investigation itself, though Kawahara did indicate he is not ruling out assistance from outside investigators.

Due to the tenuous situation with Yamagato Industries' US branch in light of the recent hostile acquisition of subsidiary Renautas, it is expected that Kawahara will travel to the US to ensure a smooth transition of power and maintain US branch operations. Yamagato Industries made no formal announcement regarding a permanent replacement for Ms. Nakamura at this time.

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