05/02/18 -- Yamagato Offices Bombed

BBC World Breaking News

Reports of tragedy are rolling in from New York and Tokyo as we are hearing of multiple terrorist bombings at two of the largest Yamagato Industries international offices.

Just shortly after 1pm on Monday the American Yamagato Industries headquarters in the New York City Safe Zone was attacked in a vicious bombing. The explosion happened in the Kaito Nakamura Memorial Auditorium of the Yamagato Fellowship Building on the Yamagato Park campus, where more than 100 employees were in attendance for a corporate conference.

Minutes later, a second bomb detonated at the company's international headquarters, Yamagato Tower, in Tokyo, Japan. We do not have confirmation on the perpetrators of either attack, save that the explosions have been ruled intentional.

At the American Headquarters, an estimated 33 people were killed and dozens more seriously wounded. Among the dead, Yamagato Industries has confirmed that President Kin Egami of Yamagato Industries US branch was slain in the attack. Yamagato Industries has also confirmed that Jae-geun Park, husband of CEO Kimiko Nakamura was killed in the second bombing and Kimiko was critically wounded but is in stable condition.

A spokesman for Yamagato Industries informed BBC News that they are vigilantly pursuing all avenues of investigation with regards to the attack. Tatsuya Tashiro, head of Japan's elite Mugai-ryu organization told BBC News that, "Japan's SLC-Expressive public security division will not rest until the perpetrators of this heinous crime are brought to justice."

Yamagato Industries has not indicated whether they will allow American law enforcement to look into the attack, as it occurred on international territory.

More news as it develops.

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