09/07/18 -- Yamagato Unveils Labor Drone

NEW YORK CITY SAFE ZONE — Just months after a terrorist bombing at their New York international office took the life of regional CEO Kin Egami and amid consternation about their handling of the New York power grid reconstruction effort, Yamagato Industries is attempting to restart their public image with the public unveiling of the TX Tetsujin Labor Automatons, a cutting edge autonomous robot capable of handling basic labor with little guidance or instruction.

Yamagato Industries interim director of operations in New York, Kam Nisatta, describes the tetsujin as the leading edge of Yamagato's long-term plans for American reconstruction. The tetsujin robots are intended to work alongside human laborers and go into dangerous or otherwise inhospitable regions where human labor would be unsafe or unwise. Nisatta indicates that a small test wave of tetsujin will be deployed to the Safe Zone in the coming months to aid in reconstruction efforts and to further refine their machine learning protocols. Provided this test goes smoothly, we could be seeing hundreds of tetsujin across the city within a year's time.

Lawrence Ridgeley, head of the New York City Safe Zone laborers union believes the tetsujin will be an unwelcome addition to life in the struggling city and indicates that some US-based construction companies, already sidelined by Yamagato's own private construction firm, Kajima Corporation, intend on protesting the deployment of these machines.


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