03/03/2021 -- Yamagato Welcomes JSDF Security

March 3rd, 2021

YAMAGATO PARK — In the wake of Yamagato Industries CEO and President Kimiko Nakamura's death, acting President Hayate Kawahara has enacted sweeping changes to the way Yamagato Industries handles its internal security that may have an impact for Safe Zone residents. Since the Safe Zone's founding, Yamagato Park has been under the independent policing of the Yamagato Security Corporation, a private security company owned and operated by Yamagato Industries. But Kawahara, a firebrand among the company's corporate hierarchy, is looking to shake things up.

Senior security analysts and executives, who have served the Park since its founding, were greeted with layoffs on Tuesday morning. In a notice sent internally to Yamagato Industries employees and obtained by the Safe Zone Siren, President Kawahara extended gratitude to the Yamagato Security Corporation for their many years of service and indicated that a "time of great change" was upon the company.

As a part of these changes, Kawahara appointed an interim security authority from Japan. Yamagato Industries contracted the JSDF Civil Security Sector Unit-9, also known as Mugai-Ryu Unit-9, to oversee all security operations within Yamagato Park until such a time as the corporate restructuring is completed.

Casual readers may wonder why a Japanese civil security outfit has authority within Yamagato Park, and the true answer lies within the fine print of the United States annexation deal for the land Yamagato Park now rests on. Back when the NYC Safe Zone was being planned, the US Government sold a strip of land to Yamagato Industries and declared it a corporate sovereign zone, giving Yamagato Industries the latitude to act as their own sovereign state on what was once US soil. This allowed the company to bypass federal and state regulations in order to fast-track the park's creation and by extension the Safe Zone. But inhabitancy clauses within this contract indicate that Yamagato Industries can — if it so wishes — share sovereignty with the nation of Japan for this territorial boundary. It would seem that Kawahara is exercising this clause, allowing the Japanese defense force to legally operate outside of continental Japanese borders.

The three-member team of Mugai-Ryu Unit 9 will share responsibilities for running security in Yamagato Park and will have full command over the Yamagato Security Corporation when it comes to park security. As for Safe Zone residents looking to visit Yamagato Park, expect upcoming changes in border security and an overall tightening of travel restrictions as the Mugai-Ryu settle into their operations.

According to Mayor Caroline Short, the extent of the Mugai-Ryu's influence will remain contained to Yamagato Park and should have no impact on Safe Zone citizens who do not venture within the Park's borders.

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