06/26/18 -- ‘ZOMBIE PIG’ Video Deleted

‘ZOMBIE PIG’ Video Deleted From the Internet Causes a Resurgence in Meme Popularity

The original “Zombie Pig” video has vanished from the internet after a second video purportedly showing the same animal cavorting in a puddle with other hogs was posted last week.

It is unclear why the original video was removed, but mirrors are being uploaded more rapidly than they can be taken down. One of the first was put up on LiveLeak has already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Videos and images bearing the hashtag #FINDOLEG are trending on twitter, remixing the original or documenting their efforts in the search, checking everything from kitchen cabinets to active volcanic vents. An autotuned edition of the original video is among the most popular (“He stood up and said ‘Oink’) uploads, with content creators now competing to put their own spin on Oleg’s tragic tail.

FINDOLEG.COM was registered to organize a search for the pig, only to be taken down by an apparent DDOS attack some hours later. The chaotic internet collective known as Anonymous has also vowed to make their mission of finding Oleg to ‘bring him home.’

Nobody seems to agree on what or where that home might be, but for now less dedicated fans of Oleg can now buy t-shirts online.

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