Reporter-Scented Falafel


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Scene Title Reporter-Scented Falafel
Synopsis Adam bumps into Tracy at her favorite falafel place and starts asking questions. Coincidence? I think not!
Date May 24, 2009

Burt's Falafels

It's a little late for lunch, but Tracy got stuck in the office after her meeting with Paul Heart. She's been trying to call to arrange a time to meet with Abigail Beauchamp for the commercial, but to no avail. It is Sunday, after all, maybe she's taken the day away from her phone. As such, Tracy leaves a message and slips out to her favorite falafel joint around the corner. There's a sprinkle of rain, and the bell tinkles as Tracy, in a red pencil dress with pearls around her throat and lips painted daintily, runs in, a wrinkled New York Times held over her head. That's all the NYT is good for anyway - after all, she's a Republican! That aside, and the newspaper aside as well, Tracy smiles to the man behind the counter. "Hey Burt, the usual? Veggie falafel wrap? Thanks, you're a dear."

Adam is already at the falafel place, it hasn't been hard to track down this Jessica doppleganger. He's nursed a soda and a falafel for a little while before in walks his quarry. He leans back, clearly astounded by her apparent relation to Jessica. He purses his lips a moment and then stands and makes his way towards the counter. He tosses out his plate and then bumps into Tracy gently, "Oh sorry." he mumbles, then says, "Hey, aren't you Tracy Strauss?"

Tracy turns her head to glance to her left and just over her shoulder slightly, when she's able to see Adam. She considers him for just a brief moment. "Yes," She responds, thoughtfully, taking another moment to look him up and down. Not that 'I'm undressing you with my eyes look,' but the same exact look that some women can give without seeming creepy, the 'I'm sizing you up,' look. That completed, she turns to face him politely. "And…you are?"

Adam smiles, "Me? Oh, I'm a nobody. But you can call me Adam." he reaches forward, offering his hand, all smiles and charm, "You work with the president, yeah?" he questions, "What's that like?"

He smells like reporter. As such, Tracy's a little tenative with this guy. Still, she shakes his hand, her own grip easy enough on his. "It pays the bills." She could ask him what he does. But where's the fun in that? No, she'll play his game and make him reveal what's what before the end. "May I ask how you knew who I was?" Burt continues to go about making Tracy's falafel.

Adam smiles a bit, "It's not too hard if you keep up with politics. It's not like you weren't on national television, or declaring Hiro Nakamura a terrorist." he orders a coffee, greeks make good coffee. Then he turns back towards Tracy, "It's funny, you'd think the government would be able to find him or his buddy Magnes."

"Magnes…Magnes…Varlane?" That sounds so familiar, where has she heard that name? And then it hits her. "The incident in Tokyo, that's right." He still smells like reporter, but she'll humor him. "Mister Varlane is an accomplice of Mister Nakamura? Do you know this for a fact, Mister….Adam?" Burt now seems to be listening idly, almost dropping black olives into the wrap. Boy, that would have been bad - Tracy'd have puked the whole thing up on his floor.

Adam arches a brow, "This is odd, the government didn't know that?" he shakes his head, "It's not like everyone doesn't. Magnes is like his student…didn't you see what he did in Japan?" he tsks, "But, ah well." he winks at Tracy, "I'm gossipping too much." he says, "I should keep quiet on these things, I guess."

Tracy cocks her head, a little taken aback. He seemed so smart, too. Ah well. "Mr. Adam, if you knew about me, you'd be well aware that my business in the government is hardly counterterrorism. However…" She pulls out a business card - alas, hers, because that's the only one she has, and leans over to press it against the counter, scribbling on the back of it. "This is the name of a man in Homeland Security, if you'd give him a call, I'm sure he'd appreciate what he has to say - if you cna back up your information, of course." The name on the back of the card? Matthew Parkman.

Adam considers the card dubiously, "Matthew Parkman." he says aloud. Maury's boy. That's no good, Parkman's company. He mms, "Well, I mean, if it'll help, maybe." he says doubtfully, then looks back up towards Tracy, "I'm glad to see you weren't hurt, what with all that violence that went around you. Do you go through that all the time? Perhaps you should hire security." he suggests.

That's like…the fourth person to suggest she get a security guard. How very interesting. But in the end, as to all the others, she shakes her head. "I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and I opened my mouth when I shouldn't have. My passion for President Petrelli's policies can sometimes get me into trouble, but I always feel it's worth it. No one was hurt, and that's the important thing." She reaches over to pay Burt with a debit card, taking the falafel wrap from him. "That being said, I'd rather not have a repeat performance. If you saw the video, you know it was rather…crazy."

Adam nods, "Who hasn't seen the video?" he questions, "It's all over youtube. I'm not great with computers, but I can navigate the internet." he says with a bit of a self-depracating chuckle. He pauses after a moment, "And what makes you so passionate about his policies? I hear you're the driving force behind this Frontline business, yeah? Evolved soldiers or something?"

A few clicks of her high-heels on tile bring Tracy out of the way of the counter for other people if they want to order something. After she's retrieved her credit card, of course. "I wouldn't call them 'evolved soldiers.'" Because that sounds dangerous. "But soldiers who have registered as Evolved and who have recieved the proper military and evolved training have the right to defend our country as much as properly trained unevolved do. Such people, with the proper training, can boost the safety and security for all citizens of this country in ways never before believed to be possible."

Adam ahs a bit, taking a sip of his coffee, "Isn't that dangerous? I mean, isn't that why the law requires them to register?" he considers, "In this capacity, you'd have groups of potential dangers together…isn't that something the government is worried about?"

Tracy shakes her head in response. "The Linderman Act was instated in order to keep track of dangerous evolved. Like it or not, evolved people have a weapon of some sort or another imbedded in their DNA - weather they like it or not, it's there. It's part of them. But just because a person has a gun does not mean they'll fire it. With the Linderman Act, the Government can moniter the people it feels might fire that gun to hurt other people. That being said, after FRONTLINE is passed, the soldiers for the program will have to undergo the same rigerous evaluations as any other special forces soldiers. Any soldier that exibits themselves as a danger to himself or the general population will be considered for removal from the program." She pauses a moment, manicured hands still cradling her falafel. "You do realize, Adam, that if you're here as a reporter and you haven't stated yourself as such, and anything I've said runs? I could have you fired for breach of ethics."

Adam pauses, apparently stunned for a moment, then laughs. The laugh is a bit condescending, but after a moment, he says, "I'm not a reporter." he says, "I'm just a concerned citizen." he imagines himself in a hat that says press on it and chuckles again, "No, I'm pretty far from a reporter. I realize you must be careful in your line of work, but can you really believe every interested person is looking to write a story?"

Tracy doesn't laugh, but she does smirk, an icy cold one that suggests she's not as amused as he is, but amused enough. "Well, lately there's been two sorts of people who walk up to me and ask me questions on the street. One's a reporter, and the other is a Humanis First protest leader who is trying to incite a riot." Her smile grows, a bit more natural, and a bit more amused. "Since I asked if you were a reporter, that should let you know which of the two I consider to be more of a concern." Hah! She made a funny!

Adam chuckles, "Yes…to be honest, I wasn't sure that Humanis First wasn't much more than an urban legend propagated by a few bored teenagers with spray paint, but I suppose they really do exist. Isn't that something the government should look into? I mean, they took down the KKK, couldn't they do the same with Humanis?"

Tracy shakes her head, finally pausing long enough to take a small bite of her falafel - one step up from a ladylike nibble. "Unfortunatly, Humanis First's main members do not condone violence. They can't help if people use their name in connection with violence. Besides, the government didn't 'take down' the KKK - it's still alive an active, after a brief hiatus. The government is concerned with people who incite violence, and not with shutting down a legitimate expression of free speech. As long as Humanis Rights does not demonstrate systematic violence against Evolved, the police will have to be content to go against the individuals that purpotrate these crimes."

Adam hmms, "Well, they didn't exactly eradicate the KKK, but they did bankrupt them into near nothingness. They're hardly the machine of intimidation they once were." he pauses as he listens to the bit on free speech. Now, that's certainly something he'll change when he controls the world. At any rate, he says, "Well, surely the protest leader has committed a crime, hasn't she? She looked like she was pretty set on having the crowd 'get you' as it were."

That does warrent a nod of agreement from the blonde. "She could potentially be charged with inciting a riot, if I'm correct. I'm sure the police are working on it, and surely very concerned with it. Thus far, she's not appeared again, so there haven't been anymore threats of violence." She could give him more but…well he's not the police. He's a strange blonde/ginger man with a british accent.

Adam nods a bit, "Well, I hope they get her. It's not good to have people out there who try so hard to hurt other people." pause a moment for ironic snicker. "Well, I won't take up anymore of your lunch, Ms. Strauss. It was a pleasure meeting you. I'm sure your parents are proud." the last could be taken as a sarcastic remark, but his eyes appear to hold a quite honest and earnest look that it seems that he means it." he smiles languidly, "I hope to run into you again." he's satisfied at least one question ffor himself, this isn't just another personality from Jessica. This is a whole different person and that requires further study, "You have a good day." as he turns to leave the falafel place..

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