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Scene Title Repossessed
Synopsis There's a showdown between Reed and the team of Elisabeth and Minea.
Date May 11, 2009


Liz had been picked up, not in her personal car but in a company issue SUV by Minea. Len's go ahead to try and track down know technopaths had turned up nothing so far, everyone where they're supposed to be, everyone that is, except for one. "Mallory Alistair" Minea had started in on who and why. "We picked her and her brother up on Staten island. My first bag and tag" Sound bubble had been erected of course, cause that's how Lizzy rolls, right? "I think it's one aspect of the job I don't like. I'd been running into him, co-incidences, but things seemed off, so I run into him in Staten Island, in a bar. The fuck is a kid doing in the bar? I tracked them and .. I brought them both in. They were marked, wiped of the specifics, except for meeting me once at the art gallery and I had them returned to the lighthouse, so that nothing would happen. His sister though, she's a techno path. God's honest truth, only, she's not at home, They haven't seen her for a day or so, and she's been acting strange. Her bother associates with Phoenix. I think she's our body snatcher"

When Minea explains the situation inside the bubble, Elisabeth's jaw tightens. "Is that what we're calling them? Bag and tag? So you what… inject every Evo you grab hold of with an electronic tag or something and then take their memories of the event?" She looks at Min. "Simon told me about it. He's a student of mine." And then she sighs. "And I already knew she was your body snatcher, I've had people on the ground looking for her for days. You're telling me you can track her?"

She's just come out of a convenient store and heads down the street. She hasn't been home for days, except when no one was home and that was only to shower. Reed has taken advantage of any public computer terminals she can find to keep up with latest events. The downfall to Mallory having her memory wiped is that Reed has no clue she's been tagged. Of course, she also has no clue they are onto her. She tucks her hands into her jacket pockets and walks down the street towards another one of them diners that have public terminals so she can check in. Really, she could use Mallory's cell phone, but the display and the speed leaves alot to be desired. She's got about seven blocks to go to get there. She crosses in the middle of the street to the other side and continues in that direction.

"Fuck Elisabeth, he was my first one okay! It's not like I like that part" Minea's hands are tight on the wheel, looking around as they drive. "We can't track them individually. It's a generic signal, Nothing that your Technopath can disguise even. It's how I figured out that the istoped people were from the future. Four fucking blips just suddenly appeared in Brooklyn. They can narrow folks down to boroughs, but not more than that. Don't fucking judge me. Don't you dare judge me, she who runs with vigilante's. You guys have benefited from what I've done, and the look on Simon's face is still one I think about. I've given you guys a bit more than you know, and vice versa. You can hate me and cut me out all you want after this is done, if I'm not a god damned vegetable. I've done more good than bad.. Fuck, me…" Minea slows a little, gesturing to Mallory. "Fucking hunches paid off. There she is. Out. Do your thing. I have my tranq with me"

Elisabeth throws her hands up and says, "I'm not judging you — I'm judging the actions that the people you work for take in the name of 'keeping the public safe'. And I'm angry that someone I care about — yet another someone! — got yanked up. That's all. Whatever beef I have with you is only in the regard that you chose to work for the assholes, that's all." She grins a little. "She who runs with vigilantes. Heh. Believe me, I've done some things they're pissed off about too in the name of law enforcement, Min." She looks out the window as Minea points out Mallory, and just stares. "Fuck… nice job. All right… I'll keep her busy while you tranq her. Don't miss — if we don't hit her this time around, we could be screwed all the way around. Drop me off behind her and I'll try to cut her off before she gets to an internet cafe." When Minea pulls over, Liz slides out of the car and starts after the young woman.

Reed turns around, for no other reason than a chill went down her spine and she sees Liz Harrison get out of the car, then the car takes off. "Shit." Suddenly — she's running. That being said, she has no idea how fast she can run — she never bothered to try while she was in this body. Seeing which way the car drove, she begins to sprint down an alley, knocking over loose crates and trash cans as she runs. Reed reaches into her pocket and pulls out her cell phone, which she grips as she sprints. Already her lungs are starting to burn. "If she doesn't suspect I'm not Mallory — she does now." She's already abandoned her trip to the Internet Cafe, as she reaches the end of the alley and turns to the right, continuing to head the direction she was originally walking, just down a parallel street.

"Liz, I worked for military intelligence, I'm sure their hands are as dirty as the Company's. So lets not even go there. Just go get her" It's not hard to not notice a car stopping softly, disgorging it's passenger and then driving forward. Only Mallory spots them, or well reed in Mallory's body. The girl dodges down and Alley and Minea hits the gas, and turns the corners, screwing everyone else who was going to keep driving, Get ahead of the body snatcher, turn the car off, get out. As she's running away - and hopefully in front of Mallory's destination to come out - The locks for the doors to the car are engaged. The tranq gun is also coming out.

Aw shit. Well, that didn't go as well as she might have hoped. 'Do your thing' is not exactly the best set of instructions there, and her 'thing' involves EITHER helping to suggest to people who are already inclined to go where she's trying to convince them to go or knocking them down with a concussion wave. The latter seems to be a good option, if Elisabeth can get a civilian-free shot at Mallory's body. Once she rounds the corner into the alley, Mallory's rounding back out onto the street, which means Liz hasn't got a clear shot at her. As she hauls butt down the alley herself, grateful that she kept up her running regimen, Liz pulls her pistol and badge. If Minea misses with the tranq gun, Liz won't have any compunction about wounding the girl's body.

Mallory's brain. It has to be. Reed never swore this much in his life. "Fuck!" that car. She runs across the street, still at least a block away from that car and ducks into a bar. Okay, so she's not 21, she's not planning on staying long enough to get carded. She runs through the nearly deserted establishment and then bursts out the back door and into the alley.

If she goes right, Minea can just shuffle over and catch her. She takes a chance and starts to run left. She is wheezing hard now, sweating running rivers down her face. She continues to run though, because — well, she is not about to get caught. She hits another main road and turns right. She is visibly slowing down, fatigue setting in. She hits one more alley and stops. "What the f— Shit!" she curses, breath coming hard to her now. She knows they are very close behind her so she ducks behind a dumpster and curls up.

Minea's already coming in when Mallory goes left, and the brunette's in good shape, though she's just gotten the stitches out. So there's pulling and it's not comfortable, and her lung burns, but she's keeping pace with the technopath and barreling around the corner as the girl ducks behind the dumpster, catching only a flicker of movement. It's enough for her to head down it though, with very little worry for her own bodily safety. Maybe she has a gun, maybe she doesn't but Minea's got the safety off the tranq gun and the moment she see's or catches sight of any body part, there's a dart or two being fired.

Racing around the corner as Minea picks up the chase from the other side, they now have Mallory trapped in the alley between them. "Mallory Allistair, it's Liz Harrison. Girl… I don't know what the hell you're into, but running is definitely a bad sign. C'mon out …." Well, never mind, the tranq gun is fired. " … or Agent Dahl's going to make sure the next dart actually hits you. We just want to talk to you. Christ, Mal. Simon's life's on the line here."

"Alright. Look. I'm standing up. All I have is a cell phone. Just.. just don't shoot me, alright? I'll come along without any trouble." Slowly the brunette hair of Mallory Allistair pokes from above the dumpster and she steps out with her hands out, one hand open the other gripping the phone. "Look, I was stupid to run, but —" think Reed, think. " — I thought it was Homeland after me. My brother told me they were after me — US again. I didn't want to be taken.."

Minea doesn't give a flying rats ass frankly whether it's mallory or not. She's got a cellphone, cellphones have access to technological stuff. She said she could fiddle with them? Maybe? She didn't know. The moment the brunette was out, hands up, the trigger is depressed, double tap, aiming for the girls upper right chest. She's not Elisabeth.

In truth, Liz was only trying to distract and offer false hope anyway. There's no doubt in her mind that this is not Mallory Allistair. She lunges forward to try to take the cell phone from Malloreed's hand even as Minea fires the tranqs. She'd rather just shoot the thing, but she might hit Mallory.

Well, this has gone to shit, hasn't it? As she was speaking earlier, she was already uploading her/himself into the phone. As the tranqs hit Mallory's chest — geez, nice shot there — Her body was already falling to the ground. Liz is quite able to reach the phone as Mallory's lifeless body hits the pavement with a thud. Lifeless might not be the appropriate word as the body is still breathing, but there is no longer a soul — for the lack of a better term — inside the thing. Though, since Minea was kind enough to use the tranqs, it may not be hours before this is realized.

Reed on the other hand has carried himself via a nice WAP protocol signal and headed back into the net. He is tempted to send a note back to the cell phone, but figures he better let them think he's still in there.

And Mallory is down. Good. She lets Elisabeth go for the cellphone as she advances, stepping over the young teenager and lowering her forefinger and middle finger to check for a pulse. It's good, strong. The sedative is working. The blackberry is plucked from her belt and speed dial is up, a motion for the sound bubble to be turned on by the blonde. She's calling Denton of course. "Denton? Technopath is caught. Possibly. Tranqued her but she had a cellphone. Can't be sure until the sedative wears off"

Elisabeth turns on Minea, now royally pissed. "Nice," she hisses. "Turn an innocent GIRL over to the Company for crimes another technopath may have committed in her body — crimes, mind you, that we can't even fucking prove!" Fuck fuck fuck! "And since you don't even HAVE a technopath who can help find or retrieve the real Mallory, much less contain Robin Hood, just whose good did you serve with that call?? Cuz you sure as hell didn't help Mallory. And I'd bet money Robin Hood's ass isn't even in there anymore."

"You can't fathom What they have for resources Elisabeth. I should still be in a fucking hospital bed. Denton's not going to let her disappear. We can ascertain that he's in there, or not, and if he's not, we'll see if she remembers anything from while he had her and then I'll drop her off at your place. I promise you that Elisabeth and when have I ever broken a promise to you"?

The blonde cop is clearly torn between trusting the woman who's never broken her word and the organization for whom she works. "Don't you let anything happen to her, Minea," Elisabeth finally says quietly, her uncertainty obvious. "I'm holding you to it."

"I'll guard her with my fucking life Elisabeth. You better get out of here" Still on the phone with Denton, listening to his instructions. "I'll get her to your place the moment she's given us anything she can and if she can't, i'll bring her there myself" Minea leans back over, every now and then checking the girls vitals.
If she's surprised at the instruction to get out of here, Elisabeth doesn't show it. She holsters her weapon, briefly smooths Mallory's hair, and then stands up. "I'll see you soon," she tells Minea, and then heads down the alley.

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