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Scene Title Resignation
Synopsis Sal decides Phoenix isn't for him.
Date August 7, 2009

Village Renaissance Building - Cat's Penthouse

If someone were looking to find Helena and were remotely in the know, ther are definitely some places that could go on the list to look. But today she is not on the roof, and as she looks up from the laptop she's tapping away at, she seems to expect someone to come through the elevator doors as if they had an appointment.

And emerge Sal does, right on time. He's perspiring a little from the summer heat, despite the cool air inside the building. He looks…distracted, a little on-edge, but he strides inward with purpose. "Helena?"

"Yes." She sitting on the couch, and moves the laptop away closing the top and turning her attention to Sal. "I got your message, I was expecting you. You want anything? From the kitchen, I mean. Obviously you want something."

"No, I'm all right." Sal moves in, to a more conversational distance. "I know you're busy, so I'll get right down to it." He inhales through his nostrils. "I don't think Phoenix is right for me."

Helena says with frankness, "I don't think it is either. Will you be shifting back to the Ferrymen? I hope we won't lose you in entire. It just seem to be compatible in effort, and you and your skills are still valued." She doesn't seem upset. "I'd like to know that we can trust you with what you know of our operations, and that it won't be a concern."

Sal is a little startled by Helena's frank reaction, but it only phases him for a moment. He nods, once. "Yes. I'm directing my efforts back towards the Ferrymen. And I want you to know if you need me for anything, for first aid, for more advanced medical treatment that has to happen off the books, for face-changing, you can contact me. Please don't hesitate. I still believe in what you're doing. But I joined for the wrong reasons."

"Someone you cared about was in a whole lot of trouble, and you did what you thought was best." Helena rises from her seat and holds out her hand to Sal. "Believe me, we will still be counting on you. Thank you for what you've done with us since then and in the future." She is quietly sincere, but she also seems quite willing to accept Sal stepping back.

"I joined before that. I signed on to…well," Sal looks away. "I'd rather not go into that. I'm trying to put it all behind me. Move on." He takes her hand and squeezes it firmly, sincerely. "Good luck, Helena. I'll always have your back when it comes down to it. All you need to do is call."

"Thank you." Helena says warmly.

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