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Scene Title Respite
Synopsis Colette spends the night with her sister when she discovers she's returned from business, in order to clear her mind before going to rescue Joseph.
Date February 2, 2010

Solstice Condominiums

There is something to be said for the comfort and relaxed quality of a snowy evening. Through the expansive front windows of her condominium, Nicole Nichols is often given this beautiful view of New York City's white-frosted urban landscape. The ground floor windows draped in dark blue curtains patterned with a black lace seem more elegant than the rest of the modern styled furniture, but blue seems to accent her eclectic personality.

The tiny brunette sprawled out on her sofa is less a decoration and more a sibling. With cell phone discarded and snow-caked boots thawing out by the doors, the younger Nichols girl rests lazily across her sister's sofa. "You know if he sends you to Vegas one more time I'm probably going to have some words." Because Colette would so very totally try and chew out Daniel Linderman over her sister's busy schedule, of course.

Flipping through an issue of Pause magazine where she lays on the couch, one leg crossed over the other, Colette seems content to regress back to younger attitudes and mannerisms around her older sister, like living two lives. "So like, you're really a part of this Chesterfield lady's campaign? That's so cool, her daughter's like, the nicest weirdo I've ever met." Somehow, here in the confines of Nicole's home, all of the troubles of the last several months bleed away. No riots, no missing pastors, no confusing telepathic friends, no Ferrymen. Just family, and the ways family are.

Folding her magazine shut and throwing it on to the glass coffee table nearby, Colette sits up and leans forward, peering into the kitchen, unable to get sight of her sister's profile inside. "Seriously the dishes can wait until morning, dinner was awesome but you can totally wait till tomorrow. I miss you."

Tugging at the dark collar of her turtleneck sweatshirt, Colette folds one denim-clad leg under herself, sitting on her foot while the other hangs over the edge of the couch. She tilts her head to the side, nose wrinkling in thoughtful consideration of her surroundings. Being home is both relieving, and difficult. She just can't figure out why.

"I'm almost done, you silly goose," chimes Nicole's voice from the kitchen, in the sort of tone where the smile is heard even though it can't be seen. Setting the last of the plates in the dish rack to dry, the drain on the sink is tugged upward to suck the water down into its depths. Hot pink rubber gloves made as much for fashion as they are for the practicality of protecting ones hands while washing dishes are stripped off and left to drape across the divider between stainless steel sinks.

"I missed you too, Sissy." Nicole emerges from the kitchen and leans against the wall just the other side of the couch from the younger girl. "And you know I needed to get out for a while. If there'd been one more blackout in the neighbourhood, I think shit would have finally hit the fan." It's easy to smirk about now, but the early months of the manifestation of Nicole's newfound ability were not easy.

These days, however, the elder Nichols girl revels in the abundance of static electricity to be found this time of year. As evidenced by the little crackles and sparks that dance between her fingers as she stretches them out in front of her, their brighter blue reflected in the delighted cobalt of her eyes. After a moment of silent amusement, Nicole pushes off the wall and comes to join her sister on the couch, planting a kiss on the girl's cheek before sitting down.

Watching the electricity with wide-eyed amusement, Colette seems entranced by the electric dance of her sister's ability. "Electricity and light aren't that far away from each other," she thinks aloud, then realizes she actually said what she was thinking and just cracks a smile. When Nicole settles down on the couch, Colette leans back and lazily lays herself across her sister's legs, stretching her arms out up over her head and letting her back arch, the thin fabric of her turtleneck sweater revealing a pale sliver of skin at her stomach. She's lost five or so pounds since Nicole last saw her, but probably gained ten or more back in muscle definition. Whatever Colette's been doing with her time, it's not been sitting on the sofa.

"I met a couple of your co-workers recently." She states from her house-cat lounge across Nicole's lap, cheeks reddened ever so slightly from the earlier affection. "Caliban and that Logan fella' who runs the strip club you went to?" One dark brow lifts up, and Colette's lips creeps into a smile. "They seem nice enough, even if John's kind've a pouf."

Stretching out just a little more, Colette twists her hips, exhaling a noisy sigh as her black denim clad legs bend and then straighten out, socked toes curling in tandem with her fingers. "S'cool to see where you work, you know, when you're home." Colette's free hand moves down to pinch at her sister's waist to punctuate that comment.

Nicole can't help but laugh at her sister's assessment of John Logan. "John is definitely a character," she concurs, "but he's been good to me, and I want you to remember that. So no teasing him… too much." There's a wink given, because she really can't let that pouf off the hook so easily, can she? No.

There's the briefest of shocks, no different from the usual transferred from person to person, when Nicole's hand comes to rest on the skin of Colette's stomach and slides up under the sweater just a little. "How is it that you're always cold? Sheesh!" Nicole's other hand joins the first, splayed across the girl's ribs, the warmth that's become customary radiating from her palms.

"It's like you aren't your own generator or something." The teasing is punctuated by the dip of the woman's head to drop a kiss on her sister's forehead.

A sudden inhalation of breath was Colette's answer to the brief zap against her stomach, back arching and head jerking up to look down over the slim length of her body to the touch. She relaxes the moment after, letting out a giggling snort as her head comes to lay against the empty cushion. One arm draped across her forehead, the other just resting like dead weight at Nicole's side. The girl's skin is indeed cooler to the touch than Nicole's, not quite cold but comparatively between the two the disparity is noticable.

"You're just hot," is Colette's thinly veiled innuendo and response rolled all into one. She contentedly makes a noise in the back of her throat at the kiss to her forehead, eyes falling shut ever so briefly when coupled with the feeling of warm fingertips over her ribs. Teeth toying with her bottom lip as her mind wanders, Colette lets her eyes slowly open again.

"Sss— So how long are you back home for?" Colette asks in a hushed tone of voice, lifting her head up just enough so that she can make eye contact with her sister at the query, one lock of dark hair having fallen down over a green eye. She could use a few more nights like this. It's been a long time since she's felt so contented, and a lot longer since she's felt so at home.

All she really needed is a little respite to get away from everything.

Even if just for a night.

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