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Scene Title Responsibilities
Synopsis Brennan and Melissa talk about responsibilities, including those to Liette. Also, Rebel.
Date March 15, 2010

Grand Central Terminal

If one could send a message by rat, much like by messenger pigeon, Brennan would of done that. Hello. This is Dr. Brennan. I am alive and well. I have the girl. This is still so very much like a Bruce Willis movie and the few days on the lam and hiding has done nothing to ease the good Doctor as he follows through with Vincent and Praeger's instructions. Keep a hold of the girl, stay low. In a few days he'll surface again to check for messages and talk with the kids and his wife.

For now, and lacking any trained messenger rats, Brennan has slipped out from Mortimer's hideout and taken himself off to the GCT safehouse. He needs a backup plan and the risk of exposure and liability are moot anymore. He may need the Ferry's help. The man is in one of the main area's, writing down a letter presumably for someone to deliver to his family, dressed for cold weather and with more than a 5 o'clock shadow to the jaw.

Melissa has yet to visit all the various safehouses and get acquainted with them, so she's slowly been working on fixing that. First it was the Brick House, now Grand Central. She's carrying a box of supplies, and without her normal skirt and corset, but a regular shirt and pants. Go figure. And perhaps most surprisingly, she has a little frown marring her brow.

When she enters the terminal it takes her a moment before she spots Brennan, and that has her brows lifting, and her steps quickening as she heads towards him. "Hey Doc."

"Hey there stranger" He answers back, looking up from pen and paper. "I hear you have all the flu ridden people in our hidey hole. You got enough supplies or do I need to have Megan pick up some stuff from Michelle? You haven't caught it yet have you either?" Concern mar's his face too at the thought of the young woman in front of him chancing getting it. Much less any evolved getting it.

Melissa shakes her head. "I think we're good for now. Don't have that many people. Three kids, two adults." Though there's a sadness on her face when she mentions the kids. "I've been careful not to catch it myself though. Masks, gloves and lots of hand sanitizer. How's Liette?" she asks, glancing around for signs of the girl.

"Megan told me about Lila." There's sympathy in his gaze before he returns to writing, pen scratching across paper and soon, a clean sheet takes it place to be filled up more. "She's good. Enjoying herself" There's a pause and he looks over to Melissa. "Anyone been asking after her?"

Melissa's gaze drops to the floor and she nods. "She was a cute kid. I feel so bad for her sister," she murmurs softly. Then she glances up and shakes her head. "Not that I've heard. Why? And why are you here, anyway?"

"She's in a better place and with her parents" Brennan offers up, some small comfort if one believes in heaven. "Leaving a message for someone to deliver to Michelle and the girls, keep in touch." Brennna presses his lips together before looking back to the paper and continuing to type. "If anyone asks about us, Liette and myself, you don't know a thing Melissa. LAst you saw us was the park. You understand?"

Eyes narrow slightly and Melissa sets the box down, a hand settling on her hip. "Okay, what's going on, Brennan? Why do you need to have a message delivered to your wife? And for the record? I am the last person who would do anything to hurt Liette."

"Because I pissed off that same guy who dropped her in your lap and mine when I refused to drop her on a streetcorner with some random stranger Melissa, after he threatened bodily harm to my family. That sufficient enough?" He stops writing again, clasping his hands together on top of the letter. "I know you are Melissa, but that doesn’t change a single thing about this situation. I mean it. You never saw us."

"Who the fuck was the guy who dropped her in my lap? And stop insulting me. I'm not going to do anything to put Liette in danger. She may not be stayin' at the Den, but as far as I'm concerned, she's one of mine. And I would do absolutely anything to keep her safe," Melissa says, sounding completely serious about that anything. "But…if he threatened to harm your family, then maybe someone else should be taking care of her. Someone without a family to be threatened."

"No one else is going to. There's more to it than that Melissa. People are watching my wife and my children and protecting them. Far better protection than the Ferry can offer up. I'm not trying to insult you. If I was intentionally insulting you, I'd be hurling all sorts of things at you. She's one of yours, and one of your's right now, has to be away from the flock and walk beside another Shepard okay. Best way for you to keep her safe right now is to leave her with me. Leave a message here if something happens. But she's a liability to too many people right this moment. I'm using the Ferry as my fallback with her"

As for who's doing this. "I'd look towards that Technopath who's been dealing with that website. Rebel." He finishes writing, grabbing an envelope and putting it before sealing it and passing it to the young woman. "Bring this to my wife would you? If she gives you some cash, come drop it off down here. I'm still pretty good on liquid funds, but she might worry and it'll make her feel better"

Melissa shakes her head. "I wasn't saying that she should go with me. I don't have a family, no, but I do have everyone at the Den. And I wouldn't do anything to endanger any of them either. Even if Luke can be a royal pain in the ass," she explains, taking the envelope and sliding it into her pocket. "But who's this Rebel guy? If nothing else, who would you suggest I go to in order to find out about him? Because if he's the one behind all this, I wanna have a chat with him. We're not puppets for him to play with. And Liette sure as hell isn't anyone's toy."

"I don't know who this Rebel guy is other than he's the guy who threatened my family all for want of a little girl who can't even tell me how the hell to get home. I don't drop kids off on street corners. I've been asked by another party to keep low. There's people out looking for her and it's not in her best interest to go to those individuals. If the Ferry has access to a vehicle that is old enough to not have any computer components, can you get it set aside, gas'd up and stick the money Michelle will give-" Cause he knows his wife. "under the drivers seat. Don't say her name or mine on cellphones. I have a way to get her topside again but I’ve already run into someone down here looking for her"

"If the Ferry doesn't have access to a car like that, I'll find one. I mean, there are plenty of used car dealerships out there," Melissa says, nodding. "Just do me a favor? If you need anything, let me know? And if anything happens to Liette, let me know?"

"I'll get word to you if something happens Melissa. I'll get word to the Ferry" Brennan adjusts his coat, grabbing gloves and a hat. It's not dead cold down here, and it'll warm where they're hunkered down. "You have a message for Liette before I take off? I'm sure she'll be glad to hear something from you. She's having a gay old time where she is"

Melissa smiles a little. "Yeah, tell her that we're still on for a snowball fight once things calm down. And shopping. And give her a hug for me, will ya?"

Somehow, he's not sure that once this is over, whether the kid will get a chance to snowball fight. Back to the lab and her pop, her sister and out of Brennan's life and likely memories. "I'll bear hug her for you. Take care Melissa, you make sure to keep yourself healthy you hear?" And with that, and leather gloves slapped across his palm, he's hightailing it out, head down and off to take a looooong walk before doubling back to Mortimer's vault.

Melissa nods. "I will. You do the same." Then it's off she goes, to deliver the letter before doing whatever it is that Mel does when she's not at work or the den.

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