Result: Failure


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Scene Title Result: Failure
Synopsis Jessica brings a test subject for Abby to work her "mojo" on. The results that come from it are not what the company agent wants, and turns the healer loose as promised.
Date December 12, 2008

Jessica's Brooklyn Safehouse

Time passes. And while it may not be particularly interesting here in this apartment, the sound of the door might herald something new. There's the sound of something heavy being moved, and then footsteps approaching the bedroom. Jessica opens the door a moment later, checking to see what she finds.

If she's expecting to find no one, she's disappointed. Abby's out cold on the bed, likely sleeping. Bible open to random page, binding up on her chest. The handcuff and chain still around the young woman's ankle. Might explain why the woman wasn't right there at the door chafing to be let out.

Jessica moves up to gently shake Abby's shoulder. "Hey. Time to wake up." she says, looking to the healer. "Time for you to do your thing."

Abby wakes with a start, hands on the bible tightening. "Jessica?" Duh. "Oh. Umm… Oh. Okay" Abby blinks a few moments, getting her bearings. Her thing. Jessica'd brought someone. "Umm, Ankle, ankle and umm.. coffee" For afterwards, right now, like the last few days, she was buzzing under skin with unspent energy it seemed.

The blonde looks amused. The other person isn't in here; they're out in the living room. But she nods, and moves to unlock Abby's ankle. "There you go."

'Thanks Jessica" The bibles closed, put to the side as the brunette swings her legs over the side and gets to her feet. No use in gussying up, she's about as proper looking as she's going to get. 'Why don't you umm, bring me to my… subject"

Jessica nods. She escorts Abby out to the living room. There's a body bag there, unzipped, with a man sleeping soundly inside it. Jessica looks to Abby. "It's all you."

For one moment, on brief moment, she thought it was a corpse. But there, he breathes. A modicum of relief within the young woman, she just nods, pushing up her sleeves. "How will you know, if it works? Do you have something to base the progress off of? What he was like before, compared to now?"

Jessica replies "As soon as you work your mojo, I'm going to take him back. The medical professionals will evaluate him, and call me once they know something."

"Mojo" she's not sure she likes it being called that. There's wrinkle of the woman's nose in distaste before she pads to the slumbering guinea pig. Her hand taking the mans, chafing it gently before she lets forth a prayer from her lips, praying quieting, intoning for the lords help. It's a moment, two, then three before it comes with much relief on Abby's behalf. Healing wending it's way, wending it's way through the man and looking for something to heal.

The tall blonde waits, watching a bit anxiously as Abby does her thing. She's terribly curious, though she knows she won't know anything till much later.

Just a minute, That's all it takes Abby to know. Nothing. It's going nowhere. She purses her lips as she carefully lays the man's hand down, touching his forehead, doing it a second time just to make sure. But no avail. you can't fix what isn't broken, not in any physical sense and she pulls her hand away, still crouched beside him. "There's nothing to fix Jessica. He's fine. Physically. It went nowhere" She looks over to the other woman.

Jessica tenses. That's not the result she wanted to hear, certainly. And unwilling to just give it up, she looks back to Abby. "Try it on me." she insists.

Abby pulls herself up, moving toward the blonde company agent till she standing in front of the woman. No quick movements, all slow, she presses just the tips of her fingers to Jessica's forehead. Another invocation of the lord, a please, and it starts up all over again. The light warmth, tingle, making it's way forth in search of something to fix. Bruises, bumps, anything. But again, nothing. Abby knows it, the same as with the sleeping body behind them. She doesn't verbalize it this time though, just shakes her head.

Jessica stands, stiffly, and turns. She hadn't admitted how much she had riding on this, hope-wise. All of this. All for nothing. Her shoulders shake slightly with restrained anger.

"There's drugs, aren't there?" Abby murmurs, reaching out to touch the woman's shoulder. 'They can help, and doctors. Surely if you work with the company, they have the people you could use to … fix this"

She snarls at the touch. "Don't touch me. And I wouldn't trust them inside my brain." Not after Claudine. "Dammit. DAMMIT!" She lashes out a punch at the wall, and buries her arm up to the bicep in it, as wood and drywall shatter like glass under the force of the blow.

Abby jumps, yet doesn't take a single step back, just clamps her eyes shut. "Then find someone outside it. I'm sorry, if I could fix it, fix whatever is wrong I would, I really would. But I can't. Maybe.. Maybe it's supposed to be the way it is, right now, maybe it's just not time yet for.. all three of you to be one"

Jessica pulls her arm out of the wall. "You can go." she tells Abby, not yet turning around. It's a simple statement.

"Give me your hand first"It was a simple order. "I'll fix your hand, then i'll go" Go from wherever here is.

Jessica displays her hand, turning. It's unmarred. She can handle the forces her body exerts. "I'm fine." Her voice is back to that icy chill it was when she first picked up Abby.

Abby needs to touch it. make sure. Just a light touch and turn. "Okay. Thank you. For turning me loose. You know where to find me, if you need me again. Just… don't snatch me. I'll come willingly" There's a twitch of the muscles near her eye and Abby pads about silently, grabbing Elisabeth's clothes, getting the boots and the winter coat. Everything that she came with before heading to the door that would lead out. "Take care Jessica. Don't give up. I'm sure you'll find the answer you want, that you need. Maybe you still need to protect your sister still, from something"

Jessica doesn't answer. She's silent, as she watches. She promised she'd let Abby go, and she holds to it. But she's not happy about it.

And with that, the healer opens the front door, slipping out silently and closing it behind her.

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