Retribution Is Not The Answer


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Scene Title Retribution Is Not The Answer
Synopsis Magnes comes with a confession that ends up with a slapped cheek and told that he did wrong.
Date October 1, 2009

Old Lucy's - Upstairs.

For once it's just like old times, Magnes doesn't instantly think of either Claire or Delilah to confess to, instead he thinks of the person who might understand his feelings the most in this matter, Abigail. He shows up later in the afternoon, getting pointed up to her place through the bar so he can knock on the door. "Abby? It's me, Magnes." He sounds pretty serious, wearing his Clark Kent attire again.

There's locks, heavy duty doors, even it looks like a keypad. But it's undone soon enough to admit Magnes in when he identifies himself and the tone of his voice even gives away that something's wrong. "Hey, come in. I was getting stuff ready for dinner and all that." There's a dog in the house, to go with the cat, and the bird. Seems there's a third person also living here but Joseph isn't anywhere to be seen. "What's up magnes?" A phone call to the hospital has assuaged her own worries that she'd killed Felix. No answer back from Flint yet.

Magnes smiles down at the dog, being a huge pet guy since he never actually had one, but his face quickly turns serious once he walks in completely. "Please don't be angry or anything, but um, I sort've shot John Logan, in the thigh, where you were shot, twice, with larger bullets…" He says this while looking her directly in the eye, likely expecting the worst of reactions.

What spills from Magnes mouth is a bit surprising really. Nothing that she ever expected to hear from anyone's mouth, much less Magnes mouth. "I'm sorry Magnes, can you say that again? Because I swear I just heard you say that you shot John Logan… in the leg…."

"I caught him in a trap. I was following up on a Refrain investigation, and when his face came up he was the first person I tracked down. I got a sniper rifle and paid someone to buy and give him a cheap disposable cell phone when he walked out of his strip club and I called him when I had him in my scope's sights. I used my voice distorter of course, and he has no idea who did it." he adds the last part, not wanting her to worry that Logan's gonna come after anyone. "I interrogated him, made sure he knew I'd shoot him at any time if he moved or if I thought he was lying at all. Then I asked him if he was sorry for anything he did, especially to those women he affected. He was being smug and polite, like he was in control, so after I explained what a horrible person he is and insulted his manhood, I shot him in the leg twice and watched him pass out."

Has Magnes ever been slapped across the face? If not, he is now as Abby's hand snaps out and leaves a red print on his left cheek. "You don't shoot people Magnes out of revenge!"

Magnes' head jerks with the force of her hand, and he's wincing and rubbing his cheek after it. "I didn't intend to kill him, I knew he'd have people watching him, he'll live. I just, I couldn't forget. I know you went through a lot, but, you couldn't see yourself, not from my point of view. I still remember everything you said, about everything you wanted him to go through, I just… I wanted him to feel helpless like you did."

"Then you tie him up and you dump him at a fucking Police station Magnes Varlane. You don't take a gun and shoot him. Please tell me you didn't think i'd approve of you doing that?!" Abigail looks fit to be tied while standing in her living room. "Do cops go around shooting people because they think they need it? That they deserve? Because last I saw, no they don't Magnes, and you are a cop"

"No, in fact, this is more or less the reaction I expected, except you didn't use the word immature." Magnes says with all the shame one who knows they did something wrong should have, averting his eyes with his hand still on his cheek. "But I had to tell you, Abby. It's not like I didn't want to arrest him or capture him or anything like that, it's just too dangerous. Not even just for me, I could probably think of a way to catch him, but then what about the police? His ability is dangerous, Abby, we both know that. Shooting him was wrong, I know, but I'm not gonna lie, he hurt you, and I wanted to hurt him, I've wanted to hurt him ever since the day he put you in the cell next to mine."

"And i've wanted to hurt him since he did that Magnes. I see him in my nightmares and he does it all over again and again, but I don't go out and shoot him. Fuck Magnes, he shot me a few months ago, again, while his brothel was burning. He thought I did it. This isn't immature, I wouldn't call this act immature. Sure, bible says eye for an eye, but the eye that I want is him in a jail cell." Abigail's livid, turning away from Magnes to head into her kitchen and start opening drawers for something.

"Lord on high Magnes, your a cop now. A Cop. And you just pissed off someone in the Linderman Group. Logan works for them now. He's protected by them, same as I'm protected by them. God, I should call Caliban, see if he's alive and what exactly is going to happen"

"Don't let this stress you out, Abby. Hell, you shouldn't even tell anyone you know about it, that's the last thing you wanna do. If by some chance they trace this back to me, even after all my precautions, this only gets traced back to me. The second you tell anyone you know, the number of people who could have shot him narrows down considerably." Magnes explains, having apparently thought about this in detail. "I don't know if it's asking a lot or not, but just try and keep this to yourself and I'll find a way to get Logan in jail."

"Good luck Magnes in doing that" he's protected by Linderman and her faith in Magnes where it pertains to the whole incident not tracing back to her. "Maybe you should have shot in something other than the leg. Maybe you need to go and think about what you did Magnes. That retribution is not always the answer"

"I knew you'd be mad, but…" Magnes sighs, already turning back to the door to grab the knob. "I thought you'd be a little happy, I guess. It was a stupid thing to do, and it didn't really solve anything, but… damn. I'm sorry Abby, I'm starting to think that when I think something's gonna make you happy, I should probably do the opposite."
"Probably magnes. I don't subscribe to knight in shining armor" she's heading out of the kitchen, confidant that he can show himself out of her place as she heads down the hall towards her bedroom. "God bless magnes, try not to shoot Muldoon either if you come across him" Snapped out.

"I'm sorry, I promise I'll catch them both one day. And I won't shoot either of them again unless I have to." Magnes once again sounds defeated and shamed, but this time he really does know he did something wrong as he walks out, sighing in relief once the door closes behind him.

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