Returning Home



Scene Title Returning Home
Synopsis A place of Eve's past, becomes a part of her future.
Date July 15, 2009

Eve's Apartment

The lights are mostly off in the apartment, no light comes through the shut curtains. The sound of a brush against a canvas and dark themed music feels the area. Candles flicker in the room that the painting is being done.

The wind chimes that normally fill the apartment with soothing noises are now silenced. Head tilted to the side, the dark haired woman paints carefully what she has dreamt. Her eyes glassy as she puts her vision to the canvas.

The painting is one of a building, an old warehouse. One that doesn’t look as if it has been used in a while. Graffti is written all over the place, even the old PARIAH motto. A fence surrounds the place and in the background are the Ruins of Midtown. There are a few birds flying around the place and some shadows of people can be seen also.

With a soft gasp, Eve finishes her painting with a few strokes to create the image of a woman in a black dress walking up to the building.

“No.. no this won’t do.” She says with a shudder and wraps her arms around herself. The apartment still has blood on the walls, her paintings are all stacked in the living room now. There are pictures that were taken of what she wrote on the wall with her blood. The Polaroids are strewn across the coffee table.

Eve studies the painting and then shakes her head. “Time to leave..” she says with a sigh and that’s when she prepares to leave her apartment.

There is a loud roar as her old school car rips through the streets of the ruins of Midtown and she serves to a stop in front of the building she had dreamed about. The wind howls as she steps out of the car, her boots clicking on the ground.

The place she ends up at isn’t a new place to her.. not at all. The sign on the building reads: Mas Mechanics. It’s a little part of the warehouse, her father used as his mechanic shop. Since he couldn’t own the whole place.

The woman stands at the gates of the place and tilts her head upwards, her fingers plays with the gate and she smiles softly before looking down at the ground.

“Welcome home..” she says softly to herself, before she takes the key and inserts it in the lock. The moon is high and illuminates the grounds of the place. Memories play over her mind as she thinks back to everything that happened here.

The first time she fixed a car.. the first time she met a boy she liked was here. His name was Roberto, one of her father’s mechanics. On and on she goes as she thinks about this place.. her first real home away from home.

“Have to prepare..” she says and sighs. More work to be done.

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