Returning The Key


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Scene Title Returning the Key
Synopsis Liz brings back Alec's house key and hangs around a bit.
Date Aug 8, 2009

Alec's Apartment

In spite of the fact that it's a weekend, there is no rest for the wicked. Or something. Elisabeth's on her way out to work on some of her case files that have been falling by the wayside for the more imperative serial killer case — cases like the Humanis First attack on that movie set and assorted others including the killing of one gang banger in front of two cops (though to be fair, *that* investigation is just plain going nowhere and she couldn't really follow up on it without a SWAT team). She's tagged Alec by phone a couple of times to make sure that he's still conscious and okay, but this morning brings her upstairs to check on him in person. She doesn't even let herself in! As he opens the door for her, Elisabeth smiles faintly. "Morning, sunshine."

Alec appears to be all better! He smiles warmly at her, "Morning gorgeous." he teases as he lets her in, "Lemme go take off some clothes for you, make you feel more at home." as he's currently fully dressed, minus shoes of course. He grins and locks the door behind her, "Beverage?" he quips as, as always, he heads for the kitchen.

With an amused sigh and a shake of her head, Elisabeth follows him to the kitchen and leans her hips back against a counter. "Coffee'd be great." There's a tilt of her head and she asks, "So if I ask you a straight question, will I get a straight answer?"

Alec starts to brew up some coffee and he barks a laugh, "You'll get a straight answer, might be 'go fuck yourself' but I don't see much of a reason to lie to you anymore. You pretty much have all my big secrets."

Elisabeth smiles faintly and asks, "Do you flirt with me out of sheer force of habit, or are you hoping someday I'll take you up on it again?"

Alec ah's a bit as he presses out coffee on a French Press. He ponders that question for a bit, "I kinda like where we're at right now truth be told. Last time we got groiny things…" he eyes her, "Well, let's just say they're better now." he strains out a bit of coffee and presses again, "As for the flirting it's just how I do things. I figure we're old and crotchety and shareing a wing in a nursing home I'll still talk like this, despite having a trophy wife." he grins at her and offers her a steaming cup. He's lightened it with a touch of milk and sugar, mostly because he makes STRONG coffee.

Elisabeth reaches out to take the cup and smiles at him. "Thank you. I kind of like where we are right now too," she admits. "I just wondered which ballpark we were in. It keeps my life simple, you know? Not that I don't enjoy the flirting and anticipation part, but I didn't want any misunderstandings between us on it — I'd rather know for sure with you, cuz as of right now I mostly don't take it seriously." She grins at him.

Alec barks a laugh at that, "Well that's likely a good call. Not sure I'd know what to do if you made a serious advance, which means I'd prolly do what I usually do, which is let it happen and sort it out later. Which circles us back to bad."

There's a roll of her eyes and Elisabeth comments, "Haven't you learned yet that none of my advances are serious? It's just sex." While she stands there, she digs into her pocket. "I actually stopped by this morning to drop this off, since you're feeling all better."

Alec is pouring himself a cup of coffee, "If that's a condom I may be forced to question your motive for showing up in my home." he warns, seasoning his own coffee adequately.

Elisabeth dangles the key he gave her the other day, laughing at him. "Haven't carried condoms around in a while. Not like my sex life seems to require them all that much right now anyway." She holds the key out in the palm of her hand for him to take, sipping her coffee.

Alec reaches over to pluck up the key lightly, "What, the new fangled boy toy not putting out? Didn't you tell him that's sort of a requirement of the job? It's not even in the fine print!" he tucks the key away and sips his coffee. "I don't have to change mylocks do I?" he eyes her.

There's a blink and Elisabeth asks with a mild smile, "Which boy toy is that? And how do you know I don't have twelve of them and I'm just that careless?" In point of fact, she wasn't with Alec, but a queer expression passes across her face for a moment. And then she merely rolls her eyes at him. "Why? You think I copied the key and I'm gonna sneak in among all your copies of yourself to see you get it on with yourself of something?" she asks tartly.

Alec just smiles at her warmly, "Trying to turn the conversation with a sharp tone isn't going to save you and you know it. You forget what I do sweet cheeks." he walks past her and patpats her fondly on said sweet cheek. No. Not that one. The on attached to her face. He heads for the living room and it's comfy seating. "I watch people, it's a whole thing, part and parcel of the con man gig. You have a boy." he's not asking.

Elisabeth snickers with laughter. "Wrong," she jeers mildly as she follows him to drop into a seat on the couch. "I have a guy, but I don't do boys." Her tone is almost mournful as she comments, "And sadly enough, I only have one of them right now. Dumped you for being liar, stepped back a bit with Norton cuz…. well, frankly, he's a bit too overprotective and apologetic for not being my knight in shining armor or something." She's not even being facetious at the pang of sadness that shows at the latter. "And the third one has some other shit coming down in his life, so we're off too." She sighs theatrically. "I don't know what to do with just one!" That, of course, being entirely tongue-in-cheek.

Alec snorts, "You do bad boys." he says simply, cutting her argument down a smidge. "Don't look at me, I have more important things to do then spare you a couple of naked love toys. I have several businesses to run you know." he quips, matching her tone. "Well if it's any consolation my love life is several factors worse off then yours."

Wrinkling her nose at him, Elisabeth comments, "I think I hate that you think you know me that well." She sips her coffee and leaves it at that. "I didn't say my love life is bad off, though," she says with a waggle of eyebrows.

Alec just grins at her like he always does and sips his coffee again, "You're cute when you're all defensive." he lounges a little on his chair. "So, other then checking on me and a heavy case load, what's going on in the world of Stuff?"

Elisabeth laughs softly. Somehow, they're finding their way back…. it's not quite like it was. She's still wary of him. But slowly she's coming back around to actually sort of liking the man. "Nothing too major, I guess. Between the work case load and a couple of investigations on the side…. seems like I have little time to worry about my love life or anything." She shrugs easily. "I do still think you should keep an eye on Maya for a time. Make sure when they get back that she's as in control as they'd like to think. If anyone notices and gives you shit, refer 'em to me. Especially with the failure of duplicating the drug, I'm still a little worried. I've got a serial killer case, several Humanis First cases, a Tier 3 terrakinetic on the loose trying to end Manhattan - or maybe only doing it by accident or something - and … God only knows what else right now. I'm too damn tired to remember what the rest are."

Alec huhs a bit. "Well uh… work on the bridge and my various projects goes well, I picked up four out of town Jobs, three of which are complete without incident and one to occur shortly. I'm within spitting distance of finishing my stunt driving training as well as my 1000th sky dive, and that deep sea scuba course I'm taking, all during the summer before EMT courses begin here in a bit." he smiles warmly at her. Sue him, he's bragging a bit. "I've even got plans to log in my 10,000th flying hour in a chopper here next week." Hey, he can't brag to many people about his level of awesome, so Liz draws the unlucky straw.

There is yet another roll of her eyes and Elisabeth just snickers. "Okay… shit, on that note I'm going to work. Cuz that just makes me feel entirel inadequate." She downs the last swallow of coffee and shoves out of her chair. "Glad you're feeling good, Alec," she offers with a smile.

Alec nods his head and waves at her, "Take care, don't get shot or anything unless I'm around to carry you about." he smirks and shoos her off with an imperious wave of his hand.

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