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Scene Title Revelations
Synopsis Jessica shows for her nightly visit to Abby, bearing gifts of the three wise men. Toiletries, clothes and bible. She reveals more about who Abby's going to be healing, if she can heal at all. It leads to interesting time. Conversation about The Company occurs and tea is shared.
Date December 11, 2008

Jessica's Safehouse

Jessica returns to the place she has Abby stashed. She's got several large bags, which she brings inside, and places on the table, before heading to the bedroom. She knocks just once, then enters.

"Come in" Abby calls out, even as Jessica is opening the door. Habit. Hard to break. A nightstand was dragged over to the window but no attempt to get out seems obvious, in fact, the Brunette is sitting on it, watching the moon and the people who are out and about if any. About a quarter of the bread left, same for jelly and peanut butter. The pitcher halfway refilled. Little toilet paper origami frogs about around her, hundreds of them, littering the windowsill, the bed, along with what seems like it may be a couple swans and rabbits. "How was your day?" The chain and cuffs rattle as she finished up on a swan, making the head go juuuuust so.

Jessica enters, and looks over. She walks over to Abby, and moves to unlock the woman's wrist. "It went well. I should hear back on our test subject very soon. I have a few essentials for you out in the living room. And if you'd like, you can go ahead and take a shower while I'm here." Since she has to be uncuffed for that.

"Oh thank the lord cause I'm starting to smell like tom after he's been in the back of the diner for the whole day flippy patties and I can't stand it. Really. I was about to try and bath in the sink" The swan's tossed to the pile and the left hand held up to be released. "There were some jerks today, making rude gestures at the window. There's some… really interesting people who live around here" really interesting translated to, wouldn't be caught dead after dark with them even if I had a gun. "You brought the book I asked for?" Once it's off, she's rubbing at the wrist, rub away the red from the chafing while unfolding her legs to hop down on the floor. "Please tell me you didn't bring any… really short skirts?"

Jessica blinks in surprise. "No…why would I? I did bring you a few changes of clothing, but practical things. And yes, your Bible is out there, plus a cooler, toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, soap, some lunchmeat…things like that."

'Oh thank you, cause I'm growing fuzz on my teeth and my breath is probably horrid" Abby's already bearing straight for the door, full of unspent energy. "I don't know. I just. You didn't ask what I prefer to wear for clothes and I spent the whole day dreading that you'd bring me back, like a handkerchief to wear around my waist, and I'd rather wear Elizabeth's clothes than have my rear hang out for everyone to see. No one needs to see that. How long do I have?" She pauses at the door as if there's some invisible line that she can't cross, her eyes rising to the blonde, a non verbal request for permission to leave the room one would almost think.

Jessica motions to indicate Abby's free to leave the room. "As long as you like, while I'm here. The clothes are just simple, one-size type things. Sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts…that kind of thing. Underwear was a guess, so I didn't bring much.

'They'll do. It's winter. Thank you very much. It'll be warmer than these, and socks, lordy my feet are freezing" Invisible wall dropped, off the healer goes, disappears around the corner out of sight and presumably in search of said clothing and toiletries. Her fingers drumm as she trails them along the walls, little rata-tat=tat's as she goes, all the way to the kitchen.

Jessica keeps an eye on Abby as she moves, but it's just her being a cautious warden. The attire, the toiletry and the rest are in the bags she brought in.

'Don't worry. I don't know how to kill with a toothbrush. I promise. I just kill with kindness" Toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, undergarments, set of clothes, socks. Abby's quick at sorting out the stuff, what she needs now, what she can use later. The bible of course handled with great reverence and goes nowhere near the floor. The now pile is snatched up, held close. "So i'm told. Back in five minutes" She's off again, not quite a run but not quite a walk, her bare feet slapping against the floor as she's off to take care of her personal needs.

Jessica unpacks. The meat is put in the cooler, along with ice, and some bottled water and tea. All that is pulled into the bedroom. The clothing, too, is put in the bedroom, what Abby didn't use immediately.

The water heard running within a few moments of her entry, the healer maybe undershot her time. That or maybe she's taking advantage of being out of the room. Soon enough though she's out, sweater and sweatpants, sports socks, wet hair draped about her shoulders. The toiletries all being transferred into her room where she can use it later before back out she goes. The need to walk around, to be in space larger than she was. 'They said you worked for the Company" The former blonde asks. Shes in motion, constantly, her hands working the towel at her hair to try and dry it.

The blonde looks amused at that. "They did, did they?" She moves over towards the kitchen. "If you can give me more specifics on what you prefer, I'll try to get you food you like better. So…if I work for the Company, why haven't I tag-and-bagged you?"

Abby bobs her, best she can when she's bent over, head down still tending her hair. "Because you need me for something. But.. I'm still wondering" Flip, she comes back up, brown hair going back in an arc. "Why I changed my hair after I ran into you, or well.. yeah.." She's quieter, her footsteps as Abby meanders to the kitchen, looking at the food. "You come at night, that's usually when i'm awake normally, working. Kraft dinner? I can have a hot meal at night, takes only a few minutes. Won't take up that much of your time or chain you to the kitchen. Hotdogs too. They're pretty good hot or cold. An electric kettle I can plug it into the bathroom and have hot tea, and can make ramen" She looks at Jessica. "your not.. going to tag and bag me after are you?" That familiar haunting of fear is back in her eyes.

Jessica looks at Abby, silent a moment. "I'll bring those things." she says, answering that first. And finally "No. I'm not."

'Why not?" Not that Abby's not inwardly thrilled that she's not going to be going to the experimentation factory. Her fingers drum on the towel as she leans against a counter before beginning to rummage for a pot to heat some water.

The blonde looks back at Abby. "Because. I promised that when we were done, I was going to turn you loose."

This time, it's a slow nod, Abby squatting before a lower cupboard and looking up. As if gauging whether the blonde might be lying her ass off or whether she really promises to turn her loose. "I don't want someone to tell me that my faith isn't real. That's it just some abnormality in my blood" She grabs a saucepan, filling it with water. 'Don't want someone to try and take it when it's not theirs to take"

Jessica's expression is hard to read. It's neutral, as it usually is. "I'm not taking you in for testing. This is my business, not Company business. In fact, they'd probably be unhappy about this if they knew."

"She's that important to you. I would have been surprised if they knew" Abby murmurs. The pan put on the stove, turned to high and waits now for the water to boil. Her palms come down on the counter and she heaves herself back and up onto it. "What do they do there? TO the evolved that they bring in? Besides the testing"

Jessica looks back. "Some of them get locked up. Some of them get tagged and released."

'Would I be locked up?, or tagged and released?" She's back to drumming her fingers on the counter top, her feet within the socks curling and uncurling. 'Would they keep me because of what I can do?"

Jessica replies "They'd probably try to recruit you. I don't think they'd lock you up as dangerous…but they might lock you up till you agreed to work with them."

Abby sucks her lower lip in, clamping her teeth down on it before releasing it. "I couldn't do it" She shakes her head. "Why i've left others. What of all the people who need it, but I couldn't reach, couldn't get to. People He's placed before me. Abby reaches up with her right hand, scratching at her neck. "How do I stay off their radar? How do I keep them from noticing me, and yes, I know, don't be attacked in a cathedral but a demon and a teleporter"

Jessica laughs. "Try not to be noticed. Try to lay low. You really can't do more than that. Hell, I tried to lay low, and they still got me."

"Yeah but.. you throw hospital cart around like they're feathers" Abby points out. She stretches to see if her waters boiled yet, a frown when it hasn't, then returns to her slouch. Her normal straight posture suffering from her excess energy. "It's not like you can see what I'm doing, no light from my hands or anything, and if I let it go slow, don't push, it's… I can write it off as "Hey, it's just a really good hand massage" She thinks though, wheels turning. "If you hear them coming for me, can you tell them just to.. ask me to come. I //really/ seriously, have had enough of all of this kidnapping and being scared. I can't heal people if every time I'm turning around I'm having a heart attack from whomever might be behind me. That, and really, I like my job. I can get time off and go willingly. Instead of this.. being kidnapped that i've.. heard they do"

Jessica nods. "Yes. But people who see me do what I can do don't talk about it afterwards. People who see you will." She frowns. "I can't promise anything, Abby. Not on that. I'm in no position to. I didn't want to be tied up with them, and now I work for them."

"They don't talk, normally. I think the only person who talked was… mary" Abby looks to the water, glad that it's boiling becuase now her focus can switch to that. "Belinda Chu"

Jessica looks confused. "Who's that?"

"Gave her back her arm, got rid of all her cancer. Didn't have enough time for her hand. If I hadn't had my face plowed in, I could have, i'm sure baout it. About the only person who's been on the other end of this blessing, who doesn't know it was me. Mostly, they're too thankful to talk. They in shock, amazed, don't question it. Just take it. A couple have come, expecting that i'll do it over and over, I do. Another… Another threatened me, if I wouldn't. Just.. if you hear of them coming for me. Just tell them to ask. I'm making some tea, do you want some?" She's looking for a pitcher, something to hold the water.

Jessica nods. "The girl. I'll see what I can do. And yes, tea's fine." she moves to get that water pitcher. "If I hear about it."

"If you hear about it" The Company's big, she's sure of it. The odds of it crossing Jessica's's ears is probably about one in a million, but it's there now. "Tell me about your sister. She has to be special, if you went to all this trouble. I don't get to know much about the people I heal, It'd be nice to know. Can I know what she has?"

Jessica looks back at Abby. There's some suspicion there, but she finally unbends enough to say "Mental illness. That's what I've been checking on, remember?"

'You'd said that already. But I can take the hint. Sorry. Habitually nice. Like a disease I'm told. Upside, gets a lot of tips. How'd you find me? Besides the whole… face plastered on the news" There's a hand towel wrapped around the handle of the pot, the pitcher taken from Jessica and the transfer of the hot water is done quick and easy. 'Sorry. Talkative too. Usually have customers to get it out of my system"

Jessica considers. "No…you'll have to know eventually. If this works. Multiple Personalities. They call it Disassociative Identity Disorder these days." She looks back to Abby. "And the face on the news was enough."

'heard fo it.. never come across it. But.. i'm willing to give it a try. But just because he lets me do it, doesn't mean that I can fix it" Abby rummages for mugs now. "But i'll try my best Jessica. I always try my best. Who knows, miracles happen" silver lining. "How many are there? Personalities. And which ones.. your sister and not… just some personality"

Jessica frowns. "That's why we're testing. And there's three personalities." she tells Abby. "I'm getting someone who has the condition for you to try your ability on and see what happens.

Bobble head again, teabags sussed out and a couple popped into the pitcher of hot water, the lip put on quick as lightening, and the towel she used to dry her hair, quickly wrapped around it to preserve the heat. Let it steep a few minutes. "I don't know anything about it. Frankly, I don't even watch much TV if any. There anything you can bring me to read on it? If I give you my library card, cou…." But she doesn't have her purse, and everything in it is presumably, back in the hospital. "Never mind"

Jessica looks over. "I've read up a lot on it. If there's something you need to know, I can probably tell you."

"Just.. what causes it" Abby's back to leaning, drumming on the counter top with her fingers, bouncing on her toes and balls of her feet. 'It's okay, just, planning on being here for a while, is all. Might as well learn something while I am. That way I can tell teo to be quiet about school" Abby rolls her head, left, back front, then straightens, pouring the tea. No milk, sugar though. The first cup slid in front of Niki, sugar with it before she pours for herself. "Should I go back to my room and get settled in and leave you be to enjoy your tea?"

Jessica says "Usually some kind of childhood trauma. Or abuse." Her voice is a little more flat now. More tightly controlled.

That catches Abby's attention, and her motions to dose her tea up are slower. "Whomever it is, i'm sure they'll get theirs, if they haven't already. We all will, when our time comes" Her lips are tight, pressed together and somewhere in her, there's a spark of anger. She doens't like violence. "Jessica. If you need what I can do, what He's given me. You'll call yes? Instead of barging into my hospital room and stealing me?"

Jessica chuckles. "I've already stolen you." And another pause. No sense not telling her; she'll need to know if this is going to be tried. "It's me, Abby." Her sister isn't another separate biological being.

"I meant.. after you turn me loose. I'm serious, Teo was serious. Despite him telling me not to all the time and be careful, I'll lay on hands anything that crosses my path mostly" But incoming Bombshell. Abby takes a step back, studying Jessica before she leans in. "SO… whats her name.. and who's the third… and.. are you all that.." She's trying to find the word. "Extrodinarily… really good at kicking ass?"

Jessica looks back at Abby at the news. "Her name is Niki. The third is Gina. And yes. I'm an assassin. The other two are not. I'm sort of the main personality, if not the original." She's come to terms with that.

Does this mean.. you'll be gone if it works?" There's a whole new bucket of issues that flit across Abby's mind. "If you disappear, if your sister is the one who will… be.. I'll be stuck here Jessica" Abby watches the other woman, not blinking.

Jessica frowns. "That's what we need to know. I'm hoping it produces a sort of integration. And since we'll be in the same place when you do it, I'm sure it will work out. But if it just seems to remove the other persona's, I won't risk it."

"Ohhhhh" It's all becoming clear now. "It'll work Jessica. I have faith. God wouldn't send me in your path and yours mine. Things happen for a reason. And if it doesn't work out.. then there's a reason for that too" One hand slides around the handle of the cup, the rest of her bodily lifts the pitcher of hot tea after the container of sugar is put on top. 'Are you able to put the chain around my ankle instead of hand? Be a lot easier during the day, I have the socks to protect my skin, also won't be knocking over all the darned frogs. Easier to sleep too"

And she didn't ask about the childhood trauma. Jessica's not sure if she finds that reassuring or bothersome. "Yes. I can do that for you."

'Thanks Jessica. For telling me, what you did. I appreciate it, appreciate how hard it might have been. Lets get me settled in so you can get to the rest of your night. Perky hyper Abby is probably not that great to be sitting around with talking about what's the best pie at the diner, and who you might have… take care of in like the last year." Abby's carefully making her way towards the back of the place.

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