Revelations and Reunions


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Scene Title Revelations and Reunions
Synopsis A few people find conversation in the Library, startling revelations are made and people meet each other again.
Date November 9, 2008

Brooklyn Public Library

The central branch of the Brooklyn Public Library was designed to resemble an open book, two wings stretching out along the bordering streets, with the main entrance located at their hinge. Inside is the heart of one of the nation's largest public library systems; the Central Library alone contains over 1.5 million books, magazines, and other materials. It also contains the Brooklyn Collection, an assortment of references and ephemera that chronicle the history of the borough, and a Multilingual Center for non-English speakers and linguistic scholars. A cafe on the first floor sells coffee and snacks, while a restaurant on the third floor (open weekdays only) sells cafeteria-style meals. Internet access is freely available throughout the building.

Jezebel shivers for a moment as she walks into the library. Wrapped up in a black leather biker jacket, tough-looking evergreen corduroy pants and running shoes, she doesn't even take her black leather gloves off before looking around for a librarian.

It is on this day that Eve had a dream telling her where to find the woman that looks so much like someone she could be related to. So dressed in her normal outfit of black dress with leather boots and a long black leather jacket belted at the waist. Eve's long dark hair is blown from around her face and when she spots Jezebel, the seer's eyes go wide. The woman quickly gets up from her seat at a table and makes her way towards Jezebel, studying the younger woman.

The library is a quiet place, most of the time, and it seems that Brian has been frequenting this place lately. Seated at a table, and face in a book the man seems to be asleep. He wears a green coat, and a pair of jeans. A beanie is tugged low over his head almost down to his eyes. An Activating Evolution rests next to his head, as well as a Bible. He's such a puzzle, this young man. Brian is somewhere between conciousness and dream land at his table, a bit away from the aisles and aisles of books.

Mallory has taken up a little study carrel with her laptop, as she is prone to doing. Because the library is a cool hangout or something. Or maybe it is when you're one of those teenage iconoclastic sorts. On her way back from a vending machine she passes Brian, nose wrinkling. "You're drooling," she informs him, not really mindful of whether he hears her or not. And not really checking to see if he's drooling.

Jezebel , meanwhile, stands and blinks as someone she doesn't know from Adam starts heading her way. Jade green eyes try to stare into the approaching woman's gray-blue eyes. "Excuse me," Jez tries to say just loudly enough to be heard without disturbing everyone, "may I help you?"

Eve puts her head down saying, "You look just like him" Eve's head then snaps back up and she smiles faintly, "This is going to sound, /very/ strange, but is your father a man named Eric Mas?" Eve's facial expression is full of hope, is this the woman that has been in her dreams? Is this her sister?

When one has lived a life where sleeping in other people's homes and on other people's furniture, one retains a certain amount of personal pride when one can say: "I don't drool." Brian says with eyes narrowed as his head jerks up from the book. Foggy eyes clasp onto Mallory as she walks by. Of course, the nice guy only says what he says next because of his obvious grumpiness to this sudden awakening. "Bitch." It is muttered under his breath, barely audible. Though perhaps a bit more audible than he wished it. He just woke up after all. He slowly leads his head back to the soft pages of his 'pillow'.

Oooh. Mallory's eyes narrow; she turns about to face Brian again and pops the tab on her Coke, eyebrows going up. "Charming."

Jezebel just boggles for a moment. "You're right," she says to Eve, "that does sound strange. My answer may sound even stranger: maybe. Why do you ask?"

One simple thing is said in response to Jezebel's question. "Eric Mas is my father" Eve looks closely at Jezebel.

"Just for you, baby." Comes the dry answer to Mallory. His grey eyes flick to the coke. "You can't have soda in a library." He gives her a look like, 'everyone knows that'. But then, apparently he's done and turns his face the other way. He brings his arms up to circle his head, create a little pocket of security around his sleepy face.

"Ugh. Creepy," Mallory snits, taking a small sip from the can. "And you can't use a library to crash at. I don't tell on you, you don't tell on me." See? Mutually beneficial. An alliance of sorts! Too bad she's still all narrow-eyed and pissy looking.

Jezebel takes a deep breath. "I can tell I have explaining to do and questions to ask," she says to Eve. "Is there somewhere in here, or nearby, where we can talk without getting kicked out of the library?"
Eve tilts her head at Jezebel and then points her finger at one of the rooms that is off to the side, the door is open and it is one of the rooms that are used for when study groups get together and they can talk freely in there. "This way" Eve's heels click softly on the floor as she leads the way to the room.

But she has to keep pushing his buttons, turning his head back to face her, those sleepy grey orbs once again rest on her. "Not as creepy as you watching me while I sleep. I am not a piece of meat for you to ogle at." Brian says definitively. "And I wasn't crashing." He mutters. At least, that couldn't be proven, if he rubbed the sleepies out of his eyes and started to read again.

A snort. Unladylike, even. "I was just passing by," Mallory informs Brian, taking a longer sip of her drink. "Don't flatter yourself." And now she frowns. "Do I know you?"

Jezebel follows Eve off to the study room. "Thank you," she says quietly.

"But I'm good at flattering myself." Brian retorts. Then he lifts his head up to get a better look at her. She -does- look familiar. "Maybe.. If we're friends and I forgot I'm sorry I was an asshole."But if not.. Well that goes unsaid for now. He then returns his attention to his pillowbook. "Honestly who tells people they're drooling. That's mean." He says in a bit more hurt tone.

"And here I thought I was being helpful," Mallory drawls in her flat, flat tone that suggest she was doing no such thing. "I'm pretty sure we're not friends, but I think I've seen you around before." Like in the park.

"I've been dreaming of you for months, its what I can do. See the future through dreams. Last night, I saw a vision of you and I meeting. I thought all my family was dead" Eve says softly and she quietly takes a seat at the table. "So my father is your father, but I don't ever remember my mother being pregnant, so"

Jezebel closes the door of the study room, then sits down. "You're not going to like this," she warns. "Last year, for my twenty-first birthday, Mom told me a mechanic named Eric Mas might be my father. She said they had a one-night stand. He wasn't the only guy she was sleeping with, so it's a maybe." She pauses before asking, "I've been turning up in your dreams?"

Brian dabs at his lips to check for moisture. Not. Drooling! His brows narrow for a second. "Fine, I didn't want to be your friend anyway." This time his tone is more joking than it has been before. He seems to be lightening up once he gets more awake and less irritable. He gives her the once over again. "I can't remember. But I'm.." How does one explain, "I get around a lot." That's the best way to say there's like five of me running around the city.

Mallory glances in the direction of the study room door as it closes before looking back to Brian. "No, I think… maybe the park or something." She flicks some of her messy hair out of her eyes.

Eve's eyes grow dark at the mention of her father cheating on her mother, but she quickly pushes those feelings of anger aside. "That's rough to hear" Eve comments, "Yes he was a mechanic" Eve nods her head slowly, "I dream the future, do you have an ability? I've heard it runs in families" Eve leans forward eagerly, "This is a lot of information to go through"

Jezebel nods. "I'm sorry. I thought it might be best to just get it over with. If you need a hug, I'll give you one. Please don't slap me, though. I alter plants…. did you say he's dead?"

"Eh. Maybe. I've done some public speaking there.." Brian says calmly. Many people know him as the preacher. But he tends to keep his face covered. But as he looks to Mallory once more, recognition flashes through his eyes. He peers at the girl. Now he can place her, but.. Maybe it's not best to remind her. He had several duplicates walking around that day, after all.

Mallory keeps squinting at him. "Public speaking? Like what, Hamlet soliloquies for money?" She has another sip of Coke before cradling the can in both hands, fidgeting.
"This is just amazing, it's possible that we are sisters" Eve takes a deep breath and chuckles at Jez's comment. She goes and gives the woman a hug, "Don't be silly, I wouldn't slap you" Eve smiles faintly.

That earns a chuckle from Mallory. "I prefer reciting the vagina monologues." He says with a smirk. Then straighting in his chair, his hand goes to the Bible that rests next to him. Grasping it he pulls it up a little bit. He stands the book up and then stands the Activating Evolution next to it. "I talk about love between 'Evolved' and 'Non Evolved'." The way he says 'evolved' implies that he does -not- like the name given to such individuals.

Mallory's nose wrinkles further. V-word. Ick. She reaches up to rub her thumb on one side of it and sniff. "What's it to you?"

Jezebel hugs back, then sighs. "I'm sorry to hear that," she says, "not least because I won't get to ask him questions now. Is there a memorial somewhere for all the missing? Do you think he would like joss sticks, cookies, flowers or paper money?"

A smirk comes up at the wrinkled nose. He arches a brow. "You're asking me that like it's your business. If you're going to ask a serious question about why I do what I do, maybe you should say it nicer." He explains with a shrug."What's it to you?" He sends back.

"If you didn't want me to ask, you wouldn't've told me," Mallory says, gesturing vaguely at him. "I Love Evolved Jesus. Ask Me How!"

Eve nods her head and then her eyes brighten just a little, "We can maybe go out and look for him together?" Eve tilts her head and then chuckles softly. "Dad loved cookies, chocolate chip to be exact" Then the seer draws back and leans against the table. "I'll take you to the memorial sight for the missing, there are some all over the place. So many families displaced."

Another little chuckle comes from Brian. "I know some Evolved people. And I don't want life to be for them like it was for blacks in the south in this country. Different water fountains and whatever." The young man explains casually. "I think good can come out of this whole 'Evolved' phenomenon. But I think it's humanities responsibility to cultivate that good."

Jezebel replies, "I'll be glad to help you look. I should have told you earlier that my name is Jezebel Kemp-William, Jez for short. Mom sometimes has a weird sense of humor. I don't know how helpful I'll be; this is my first visit here."

"Seems a little haves versus have-nots to me," Mallory mutters to Brian.

Eve then takes that moment to crack up with laughter. "Jezebel? I can see why your mom and our dad got together, they think alike. I'm Eve Kendra Mas" She wipes tears from her eyes and then nods at Jez, "It's ok, we can look together. If dad is out there and alive, then I'm sure we can find him" Eve sounds so sure.

"You're wrong." Brian replies quickly. "'Evolved' certainly have advantages that most people do not. But that does not mean they're better. Simply different. That means they aren't freaks either, and below your average human. Just different." His ear catches the laughter a little ways away in the library, his eyes dart to the source of it. But he doesn't catch sight of Eve just yet, his eyes slowly return to Mallory.

"So are you for or against Registration?" Mallory asks, curling one arm around herself and wiggling the can in her hand so the liquid inside sloshes about.

Jezebel warns Eve, "He's fallen off the Web." A few moment's rummaging in her black fanny pack produces a pen and a scrap of paper. Jez writes on the scrap, 'Jezebel, sister/2?' and a phone number. "You probably need to think and I need to tell Mom stuff that will probably make one of us yell. This is my cell phone. Call me, okay?"

"Against. You?" Brian asks coolly, his chair legs scrape against the floor as he scoots out from the table. He shifts his weight in the chair to face her better, one arm slinks around the back of the chair so he can lean against the thing better.

Eve nods and thanks the number, "Thanks Jez"

Mallory shrugs a little. "Don't know, can't vote on it. On one hand, I'd like to know I'm kind of safe and if someone decides to mug me with their lightning shooties they can be stopped. On the other… drinking fountains. Not cool."

Jezebel gives Eve a quick hug, then rushes out of the study room and the library. She's got a cell phone out before she's even out the door. Tsk, tsk.

Grey eyes snap to Jezebel as she's rushing out. One eyebrow arches as the young man tilts his head. He then returns his attention to Mallory once again. "True." He concedes, giving a bit of a shrug. "I suppose I'm a little biased." The young man offers.

"Because of your friends?" Mallory prompts, also noting Jezebel's departure.

"Sure." Brian murmurs in response to her question, though he resists smirking. Standing out of his chair he reaches across his chest with one arm and grabs his elbow, stretching the thing out. After stretching, he offers his hand to her. "Brian, by the way."

Mallory regards him warily; she unslings her arm from around herself and tucks her hand into his briefly. "Mal."

"Short for Malnurished? Malpractice?" Brian asks as he brings his hand back. He notes her wary gaze and only goes to plop back down in his wooden chair.

"Malcontent. Or Maladjusted, I suppose," Mallory says with a hint of amusement. "How often do you speak at the park?"

"Nice to meet you Malcontent." Brian chirps with a tiny grin. To her question he shakes his head. "Not often. I have to be kind of careful." He says with a slight shrug. "How often do you tell people they're drooling when they're not?" A light smile is offered at that point

"Whenever I feel like it," Mallory says after a few moment's thought. She smiles thinly and starts backing away. "I need to get back to work."

"Sure you do." Brian responds, giving a little wave. "Seeya. Sorry I called you a bitch, by the way. You weren't supposed to hear that." He gives wide eyes for a moment, implying it was an awkward moment then turns to go back to his 'reading'.

"Hmnh," is Mallory's reply to that before turning about to scuttle back to her hole.

Eve quietly closes the door to the study room as she exits, after a taking a deep breath. The woman begins to make her way towards the exit. She doesn't look around at all as she makes to leave. Her heels clicking softly on the floor.

And that cues Brian to stand right back up. His eyes latching onto Eve. A redflag in his mind.. The young man abandons his table and books and quickly goes to tail the woman. "It's like this is our secret meeting place." He says in a humurous tone to her back, his voice is raised a bit so she could hear him. He will get attention from others in the library as well, unfortunately.

"That appears to be so, sir" Eve says softly and a smile crosses her lips as she turns around to place her hands on her hips as she looks the man up and down. "No friends with you today?" An eyebrow is raised.

"They're busy." Brian comments lightly as he takes a few steps to her, closing the gap. "A lot of money can be made when you're.. well.. when you're like me." Brian says with a grin. "But don't you worry, I can get more." He raises his hand as if to snap his fingers.. as if that will bring more of him into existence.

"You must do wonders for the ladies" Eve chuckles softly and then crosses her arms as she continues to exit the library, whether Brian follows or not is up to him. "Eve" is the name she gives to the man as she continues to walk away. He had better hurry up to her.

A little shrug from his shoulders, not like he hasn't thought about that before.. But. Long strides take him next to her quickly as he walks alongside her. "Eve." He repeats. "Ieva in Latvian, and Russian I would assume." Brian says as he tucks his hands into his pockets. He matches her pace easily.
Eve smirks at Brian as they soon come to her car and she opens the door and quickly turns the heater on, she motions for Brian to hop in the car as well. "My father had a sense of humor" much more so than Eve though after meeting Jezebel.

Eyeing the car warily. Brian nods and hesitantly opens the door to slide into the seat. He then closes the door after him. "I had a really good friend named Ieva." The way he says it suggests she was more than a really good friend. A little shrug, his eyes go to the woman. "Brian. Not as biblical." Another little smile.

Eve nods her head, "Bomb?" this must be Eve's way of asking if the bomb killed Brian's friend. Her eyes grow with sympathy for the other man and she pats his shoulder softly.

"No. She lives in Latvia." Brian says, suddenly perking up as he looks to Eve with a smile. Really not as depressing as he made it sound. "I'm from California. Didn't really know anyone out here.. Well I had some friends that went to school when the bomb hit. And I haven't heard from them. But I wasn't all that close.. Still. It's sad." He says with a bit of a frown. "So.." He starts, chaning the subject. "Have you spoken with the powers that be?" Brian asks, motioning to himself.

Eve nods her head at Brian's short story and then says, "I have and I am in charge of recruiting you. That means, I need your full name. Not just Brian, I've been around asking about you and they say you are some kind of preacher?" Eve tilts her head and then lays it against the seat as she studies Brian's body and then face.

"You're in charge of recruiting me? Well then I'm pretty much in, right?" He sends Eve a mock glance of charm. He arches his brow once she says preacher. "Wow, you people know stuff. Yes, I preach about love between Evolved and Non-Evolved. I usually keep a low profile though. Scarves, beanies, sunglasess." He gives a shrug. He makes no resistance to her full body scan of him, though it makes him feel a tad bit uncomfortable he refuses to show it. "Brian Andrew Fulk." He says for his full name.

"Doesn't mean a thing preacher boy" Eve says with a wink, "Your /talents/ could be of use though" the seer looks out her car window and sighs. What's on her mind? "Cute name, how long have you known about your ability?"

"Not so cute in High School." Brian mutters. "Fulk is a very crappy name to have around teenagers just discovering the 'Fuck' word." He explains, rolling his head back on the seat. "Especially in football." A little sigh to match hers. His grey eyes snap to her own sigh though. "You alright?" But he answers her question anyways. "About a year or two.. I think? I was in Africa when I discovered it.. Though I didn't know it was an 'ability' then. I thought I was an angel." Smile! "Since the bomb and the Linderman Act, I've kept on the move. Severed all ties, and all that shit."

"I can only imagine how many people called you Fuck" Eve drags a strand of her midnight hair out of her face. "I'll be fine, just have a lot of things on my mind today is all" Yeah she just found out that her father cheated on her mother, sucks. "An angel huh? Must have sucked when you found out there were others out there like you"

A little shrug. "I don't know. Kind of brings a sense of.. I donno.. Fellowship? Like you're a part of a special team or something." Another shrug, "Must be similar to what black people feel like in a white area or vice versa or whatever. What about you, you have a special talent?" His grey eyes watch her hands go through her hair. "I know you don't know me, but if you want to talk, get it off your chest.. I can listen." The young man offers.

"Yeah, we are all a real special team" Eve snickers and drums her fingers on the dashboard, "All the fighting going on between us isn't making me feel like we are one people" she smiles warmly at Brian, "You are a good guy. I just found out that some things in my life I thought were true are a lie, that's all" Eve says it like it is nothing at all. The dream prophet closes her eyes, "I have dreams of the future" another thing that is said simply like it is nothing.

"Good is relative." Brian suggests softly, letting his eyes rest on her. "Well.. If you wanna vent, or whatever… I'm open." the young man offers with a smile he tries to make soothing. "Dreams of the Future." His brows draw up. "How does it look?" Brian asks, pointing forward as if asking about the future.

"How does the future look?" Eve's facial expression goes pensive. "Most times, it's dark and bleak. Others it gives me hope" and with that Eve starts her car up. "I gotta go, do you need a ride somewhere?"

"You gotta go? We're not going to have my interview or whatever? Shouldn't I give you a business card or something? Well, I was going to go to that big Memorial thing today. But technically," The young man explains, "I'm already there."

Eve chuckles and looks at Brian again, "I like you and a business card will be nice. I'll stay in touch"

"Fuck. I don't have a business card." Brian says with a sheepish grin. "I just started working at the Nite Owl as a dishwasher. And at Alley Cat Couriers. Just order a package or go get your dishes washed and I'll see you then." He opens the door and goes to step out. Half way out of the car he looks back in at her. "I like you too, Eve." He says with a big smile.

"Catch ya later duplicate boy" Eve winks and when Brian shuts the door, her car roars away and turns the corner.

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