Riddle Me This, Batgirl


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Scene Title Riddle Me This, Batgirl
Synopsis Elaine catches Magnes doing one of those things he normally does when he's home alone too long.
Date June 1 2010

Gun Hill

Elaine's still getting used to this whole 'place to come home to' sort of feeling. She enjoys it, yes, but it's still a little weird. The doorknob to the front door wiggles, then slowly opens as she nudges the door open with an elbow. Once inside, the door is pushed shut with a foot, as she seems to be balancing quite the quantity of library books under both arms as she heads in towards the bedroom. "Magnes, are you here?" She calls.

"Riddle me this, Batman! What has two legs and no upper torso! You in one minute!" Magnes suddenly laughs, standing on the newly moved couch, in front of a dramatic Batman cut out. But that's not the strangest thing, he's wearing a Riddler costume, hat, mask and all, with a question mark cane. He's being dramatic, possibly acting.

"What's that…? No! How could you know… BOOOOM!" He starts making sound effects, flinging himself back behind the couch on the floor. When it finally registers that Elaine's walked in, he calls out, "Oh, uh, hey Elaine."

There's a moment or two where Elaine is still staring blankly at Magnes. After all, she did just catch him in a game of pretend. Peering in his direction, she suddenly starts laughing. "I would've thought you'd be playing as Batman!" She remarks, carefully balancing the books before setting them down, out of the way. "Nice costume, though… you really aught to wear it to a convention or something. You'd be a hit."

"I have lots of costumes. I guess this is your first time seeing me in one. I've worn this to a convention already, I have my next convention costume prepared…" Magnes stands up, heading into the bedroom so he can change. "Uh, put that cutout in the closet. Will you come to the next convention with me? Your costume is almost done."

"Yeah, I know you sew stuff and all, but I've never seen you actually wear any of them." Elaine gives the Batman cutout a conspiratorial look before she moves, picking it up and carrying it towards the closet. "Wait, you made me a costume? Well, I /have/ to go if you made me something. What're you making me? I hope it's from something I know.."

"Stephanie Brown's Batgirl! You have to go to the Lighthouse with me when we dress up, we'll show Hailey." Magnes walks back out in a white tanktop and baggy black sweatpants, string tied.

"I bet Hailey'll really like that." Elaine grins, looking back over at him. "You got a convention to go to all planned out yet or something or are you just waiting for the next one? I'm sure they happen all the time, right?"

"Depends on what happens, with the weather the way it is. When the planes start again, or if I can find another way to go, I might take you to an out of town convention." Magnes walks up and slides behind her, wrapping arms around her waist. "Red Robin and Batgirl, OTP."

Elaine laughs, leaning her head back against him as he holds her from behind. "That'll be fun. I bet we'll get lots of pictures. Especially if we're particularly in character." She shuts her eyes for a moment, then turns a bit to look at him. "So I can see you've been up to a lot since I've been gone."

"I went out to ask Abby for some advice, that's about it. What did you do today?" Magnes lifts her up suddenly, then heads into the bedroom, the only place with a television until the move is done.

Elaine wraps her arms around him as she's abruptly scooped up, only making the tiniest of 'eeks' as she's snagged. She's improving her reaction time, at least! If there's any awkwardness associated with the name Abby, it doesn't show, as she's instead focused on the day's events. "Well, I went to the library and got a bunch of language books… and walked out with a job." She grins. "So you'll think of me as less of a freeloader."

"I don't think of you as a freeloader, but what kind of job do you have?" Magnes plops down on the bed, keeping her in his lap as he turns the television on. "I should see if the satelite dishes are on, or maybe we'll get cable…"

"I know, but I feel kinda useless, you know? At least I'm contributing now, somehow." Elaine snuggles in against his chest. "Translation work, actually. Which is nice, since it's something I'm actually good at."

"What kind of company is it? What's it pay?" Magnes motions a finger to pull a stack of DVDs over, beginning to look throw them as they talk.

"Some foundation or something. I don't know the name of it, gotta call the chick to set things up. I think this guy is a private antique collector or something, needs some translating done on documents and the like… so I think it'll be cool." Elaine yawns a bit, glancing at the DVDs he pulls over to pick one. "Not entirely sure on what the final salary will come down to, gotta go in, sign the papers, you know the drill. It sounded pretty legit, though. S'what I get for looking cute and hanging out in a library, huh?"

"Well, let me look everything over to make sure you're not signing a shady contract. Can I come with you when you have to sign?" Magnes is clearly not the most trusting of mysterious job hirings, especially if her attractiveness is somehow involved. He's got a slight frown, then places the DVDs into her lap. "You choose, I'm sure you're tired of watching Jetsons and Dexter's Lab."

"If they're okay with that. We'll see. I'm sure it'll be fine." Elaine leans in to kiss his cheek. "Mm.. lets see.. I mean, I'm good with pretty much anything." She peers through the stack. "You don't have Teen Titans in here, do you?"

"Of course I do. Oh, let's watch the DVD with the Mad Mod episode!" Magnes carefully tosses Elaine back on to the bed with a flick of his arm, though he makes sure to lower her gravity first. After a few minutes of setting the DVD up, he walks back over to crawl on to the bed. "Have you eaten today?"

"Had a hotdog on the way to the library… did you know those hot dog stand guys on the corners are actually OUT there in the cold now? I call that dedication." Elaine shifts a bit on the bed to look at him. "But that's all I've had, really. Why, you planning on making something? Cause I would never pass up something from you."

"They're usually out there even in the snow, and now the temperature is at least reasonable." Magnes continues crawling, grinning at her last comment. "Well, in that case, I'll cook in an hour…"

Elaine laughs. "I've got the best boyfriend in the world, I think. He makes me a Batgirl costume /and/ cooks for me." She leans over, stealing a kiss. "What is this world coming to? I'm getting everything!"

Magnes stands up on his knees, then peels his tanktop off and tosses it on to the floor. "Not everything. There's always new things to learn." he points out, before leaning down to place his hands on her side. "So, let's find out what those things are."

Elaine laughs. "Oh, I like the way you think. Although I don't know, I think it'd be hard to top what you've already got going on." She winks, then glances over at the clock. "Don't forget.. you promised me food in an hour." She's grinning, ear to ear.

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