Ringwraiths And The Bible


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Scene Title Ringwraiths And The Bible
Synopsis Kaylee and Kendall sneak into Gun Hill to retrieve something of importance for a certain Pastor. Of course, he doesn't know about it.
Date December 14, 2010

Gun Hill

"I — I think we're good." It's the first time today that Kaylee Thatcher has sounded a little nervous, as her and the Kendall stand on the other side of the street from the now abandoned Gun Hill. Fiddling with the gold ring on her finger, the world really askew in that funky way that Peter Jackson depicted the ring wraiths world in the Fellowship movies.

Kaylee use to be the sort to just race in without thinking, but five years of soft domestic living has taken the edge off the telepath. Now she chews her lip and twists that ring on her finger as she watches people walk by the building with it's yellow tape.

With something to lose in her life, it makes her hesitate a bit, but she has a personal mission here.

So after a few moments more, her hand touches Kendall's elbow a gentle nudge forward as she moves as well — mindful of cars — to cross the street. Her long blond hair isn't tied up as it has been, having been shortened to a better length, so it feathers out behind her caught on the breeze as she hurries. It still falls down her back, but at least it's only so just below her shoulder blades. Much better.

"This hopefully won't take too long," Kayle is worried about being caught of course.

Kendall opted for the rings today rather than the 'invisibility cloak' since really, it's difficult enough with one person under a blanket, let alone two. "We're good." Kendall tells her reassuringly. "I've gone in and out by myself already, two people at once should be easier, one to guard and warn, the other to look for…. whatever it is we're looking for." he doesn't really know aside from 'stuff that belongs to some guy named Joseph'.

Taking the steps to the apartment building slowly, memories of that night come to the forefront of her mind. Kaylee went from one fire, directly into another that day. She slowly ducks under some left over yellow tape that warms people back, before touching the handle. "I'll still feel better when we get out of here." She murmurs softly.

"For one, I don't like risking you. This is twice already." She keeps her voice down as she enters the building. Kaylee brushes hair behind an ear as she looks towards the stairwell, trusting him to close things behind them. "I'm just hoping Joseph doesn't get upset I risked coming back here."

"Don't worry about it." Kendall nods at the hazy looking Kaylee through WraithVision, not to be confused with RaithVision. "I'm just glad I'm useful to someone, if not something like this, what am I good for?" and besides, doing favors for the sister of the girl you're dating is never a bad thing.

"Well, you're still seventeen." Kaylee points out her voice echoing in the stairwell as she heads up to the proper floor. Pausing she holds up a hand to stall any protests. "In the eyes of the law you are still a minor." Note she avoided the word kid. "Endangerment is a serious thing.

"Not to mention you are dating my baby sister, so I'd hate to get you hurt on account that I want to get something very important back for my own boyfriend." That's right, they are here to get something for the telepath's love interest.

Doors are open as they move down the hallway, some canted from forced entry by the invading parties. It hurts a little to see it, Kaylee's hand coming up to press against her chest. It was their home, their safe haven and it had been ripped from them. Distracted by the havok, she almost misses the door to Joseph's apartment, nearly passing it.

In fact, she has to back up so that she can go in. "Here we are."

"It's not like you're responsible." Kendall points out. "I'm doing this of my own free will, and it's only a few months" half a year "until I'm 18. And I've survived being killed once already, I'm pretty sure I can do it again."

"Yes." Kaylee pauses midway into the apartment, turning back to give him a matter of fact look. "Well, need I remind you of cop movies where the old guy talks about only having a few days, weeks or even months til retirement. What usually happens?" Brows tweak upward a little, before she turns back to searching the apartment. "So don't jinx youself, hmm?

"We're looking for a big book, ornate cover," Kaylee murmurs, moving to right a chair with lips pressed together with disapproval.

"Well I'll be fine, because I didn't tell Valerie I'll be home in time for dinner." Kendall replies cheerfully, entering the apartment and looking around. "I know that stereotype too! That's why, when men are on a dangerous job, they shouldn't talk to girlfriends or wives or sisters, or, uh…. female relatives." pause. "By the way…. did you want your TV?" he asks Kaylee. "When I hid my game systems I hid the TV too, and it was still there. I didn't bring it when I got my stuff because it was too big to carry on my own, but with two people…"


Kaylee doesn't turn as she says that, her footsteps taking her towards the bedroom. "The television is not important. It's… a thing and of no use where we are." Of course, one could argue that about what she's there for, but —

In the bedroom, the object that brought her there sits as if waiting for Joseph to return and take up his evening reading. Long, thin finger brush over the embossed surface with a sigh of relief. "Thank you," is whispered ever so softly, before she picks up the heavy tome.

"Found it," is called a little louder by the telepath.

"Ah, ok. I'll keep it hidden then." Kendall follows Kaylee into the room, peering at the book. "So… what's that for, again? Your boyfriend's? He wanted you to come get it?" why didn't he come get it himself instead of her risking herself? "I guess we can go then, unless you have anything else you want from here."

A look of amusement touches Kaylee's features when she turns to look at the teen, the book held to her chest, arms wrapping around it protectively. "I have such a hard time saying boyfriend when it comes to Joseph. He's inching up on forty." Her voice edged with a chuckle. "But… this is for my boyfriend." her mouth pulling up a little more.

"And —" She lets it fall away from her chest some, so she can look down at the surface of the book wistfully. "He doesn't even know I'm here doing this." Kaylee glances at Kendall again with a smile. "It's a surprise, part of something I have planned," she murmurs a hand brushing over the cover relieving it of some dust.

Kendall blinks a few times. "Oh." Kendall's dad is in his 40s too! "Sounds like an idea." he agrees, though he has no clue what kind of thing she's planning. A woman planning something for her boyfriend could be any number of things, ranging from G-rated to NC-17 or XXX! "So, uh, should we get going then?"

"Teenage minds are all alike," Kaylee murmurs, turning the spine of the old worn book to show the words HOLY BIBLE on it. She gives him a look that is accusing in someways an amused in others.

"And your right. No need to dilly dally." The bible is clutched close again, while the telepath steps around the young man, moving for the door. While she passes through the living room a partially open drawer catches her attention.

She pauses as a long worn memory, tickles at the back of her mind.

It's enough of a push, that Kaylee turns from the door and pulls the drawer open to rummage through it.

Oh crap, that's right, she's a mindreader. Kendall coughs and tries not to think of any of those NC-17 or XXX-related things. "er, uh…. what're you looking for now?" he asks, because as always, the more you try not to think of something, the more you do, and that kind of thing you do NOT want the sister of the girl you're dating to know about. Distract her with a question!

After a little bit of rummaging an envelope is lifted from the drawer, it looks like it was folded in half at one point. "Just… something I remembered." Kaylee brushes the question aside, the name Joseph Sumter is written neatly across it.

A small smile touches her lips, a look of a woman who remembers something silly she did in her youth. "Just something I wrote when I thought I was going to die on the eighth." Kaylee glances at Kendall then and shakes her head. "Nevermind."

The letter is tucked inside the cover of the bible and Kaylee moves towards the door again. "Come on. I'll feel better when we're back on home turf again."

"Yeah, all right." Kendall would feel better too, because it is somewhere they're not supposed to be. "I think it's a good thing these rings aren't the real One Ring because we've been wearing them for a long time now. We definitely would've turned evil by now." heheheh. "So let's get going then before we do." he's joking, right?

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